Sourabh: Bhram Rishi Swami RamSwarup Maharaj Ji. Namastubhyam Namastubhyam Namastubhyam. Guru ji From your pious teachings I have learned that by getting Deeksha from Bhram Rishi and by doing yagya and following Ved one gets human body in next birth. I aspire to know what are the other pious deeds that could lead to getting human body in next birth because from centuries people are not getting deeksha from bhram rishis as bhram rishis are very rare, nor people do yagya as no one teaches to do yagya and follow ved. Still population is growing up people are increasing day by day I do not understand how? Without bhram rishi and with out ved how is this possible? Logically this means that there are other possible ways also to get human birth. Kindly throw some light on this guru ji. I do not have doubt on my guru, my guru is my God. Please forgive me if my question is not valid but I am caught in a contradictory situation. Please let me out of this situation Guru ji. Every day I keep thinking about this and do not find any solution Guru ji ke chrno mein saadar pranam.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mera aapko hardik ashirwad beta. Basic principle made by God which is unchangeable is this that after getting human body, a person should get Deeksha properly and he then gets second birth is called dwij. Thereafter the devotee starts getting Vedic preach. So, he performs agnihotra/Yajyen, does name-jaap of God daily and also practices Ashatng Yog Philosophy. He learns the form of pious deeds and holds the same in life. I mean to say, the pious deeds are learnt from Vedas only so, no other source to learn pious deeds. In this way, one gets next birth of human body and no other way.

Human population if is increasing then it does not mean that every person maintains humanity because he does not follow Vedic path. So, Yajurved mantra 40/8 straight away speaks that such person also gets human body but they never get chance to listen to Vedas to know the same to maintain long, happy life. Actually, they get human body to face the result of his previous lives’ sins. You see, it makes no difference whether soul faces sorrow etc., in animal’s, bird’s bodies or body of human beings. Because in human body, as said above, he bears the consequences of his sins. Vyas muni, all Rishi-munis and Vedas tell “Manushya Rupeinn Mrigaha Charanti” i.e., his body is of human-being but in reality he eats, sleeps and does deeds like an animal and not like a learned person.

Beta your questions are good and there must be no hesitation to put any type of question to destroy the doubts/misunderstanding. Everybody has the right to put question of any type.

Sparsh: I want varna-viched on Prishram, Prakar.
Swami Ram Swarup: In this connection, You please make contact with nearest local Arya Samaj mandir.

Sourabh: Bhram Rishi Swami RamSwarup YogaAcharya Ji. Namastubhyam Namastubhyam Namastubhyam. Guru ji in your teachings you said that tree has a jeev aatma.
Also you emphasized on karma by a jeev aatma i.e. jev aatma needs INDRI eye ear tongue etc to perform karma. Trees have jeev aatma but do not have INDRI then why GOD gave jeev aatma to trees and did not give indri to tree to perform karma? Without indri trees can not perform karma. Also I urge to know that whether tree is JADD or CHETAN? And whether the entities that are JAD have jeev aatma ? Guru ji ke charno mein saadar pranam. Dhanyawaad Guru ji.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mera aapko hardik ashiwad, beta. The soul is awarded with different type of body under the control and administration of the eternal and everlasting fundamental laws of God. You see, snake has no listening power and even has no legs.

So, tree has got udbhij yoni i.e., these plants germinate by tearing open the land. Science has proved that trees respond to music, harsh language. It means trees listen, they’ve sense of touch like the plant called “Chhui –muii”/touch me not.

The trees take water, manure etc. Some plants are there which also eat insects. The said conveniences are given by God to the trees/plants. So, as the snake has no listening power and has no legs, hands etc., but God has given such body to the soul of snake to face the result of deeds so is in the case of tree where the soul faces the result of his deeds by having the senses either two, three or four.

Body of the tree is jad and the soul therein is Chetan. Non-alive matters like clay, sun, moon, wood etc., have no soul. My blessings to you.