A: I want to perform a griha praveh pooja in my house between November 2011
to February 2012. I want ask all the appropriate dates for this pooja between
Nov. – Feb.
Please reply me as soon as possible………..
Swami Ram Swarup: In this regard I paste one of my answers –

Shubh Din

All the days, week, month, years, minutes, seconds have been created by God and thus are always pious. Regarding the philosophy of deeds, Vedas tell that we have come here to face the previous
lives’ deeds (good or bad) according to Rigveda mantra 10/135/1,2 and we have to face the said deeds in the shape of pleasure and pain respectively. So, the days are not concerned with auspiciousness or bad omens. If we do pious deeds today then one day we will enjoy pleasure and if we do bad deeds then in the future on any day we will have to face sorrows awarded by God. So, the day becomes full of pleasure or full of sorrows when we face our deeds as said above. So days are never good or bad but always pious and gifted. So days are never good or bad, but always
pious and gifted to us by God to always do pious deeds to enjoy life.

Also the days, nights and times are never ashubh (unfortunate) being created by the purest God. only deeds done by us are bad or good. And based on the previous lives’ deeds we have to face the result thereof accordingly on one particular day and time. So days are not good or bad. It is our own deeds done by us which are bad or good.

So one can enter at one’s own convenience or suitability in his newly constructed house, shop etc., or start any pious work at any time. However, one should perform havan with Ved mantras before ensuing any of those works. It does not depends on any name and date of birth etc. because it is not mentioned in Vedas. We must be always away from blind faith.

So, I would advice you please not to believe in such man-made customs which are against the eternal knowledge of Vedas and shastras. Such man-made customs should be ignored being unauthentic.

So, you may enter the house anytime which suits you, say the Vedas. But, in every act of the life like entering new house, solemnizing marriage, doing naam-karann of baby, first the God’s name is
remembered by doing havan etc. So, it would be beneficial for you if you perform havan with ved mantras under guidance of learned Vedic acharya/Purohit, please.

SK: mare ghar mai shivling hai chota sa jise maine tulsi chor par rakha tha par kisi ne bataya ki tulsi chor par nahi rakhte . plz hame bataye shivling ko ghar mai kahai rakh sakte hai.

Swami Ram Swarup: Shivling rakhne ke vishye mein main itna he keh sakta hoon ki shivling ki bhakti ka varnnan vedon mein nahin hai. Ashtang Yog vidya ka varnnan vedon mein hai. Vedon mein har prakar ke kartavya karma nar-nari ko samjhaye gaye hain. Vedon ne rozana Ishwar kee pooja karne ke liye havan, Yajyen, Ishwar naam jaap, Ashtang Yog vidya ka abhyas, grihasth ashram mein apne-apne kartavya karma karte hue karne ko kaha hai. Aur jo kuch vedon ke anusar vigyan, karma aur Ishwar Bhakti, upasana aadi hai, usey hee vidwan sach maante hain. Iske vipreet jo hai usey weh sweekar nahin karte. Yeh anaadi kaal se chalee aa rahee parampara hai, jisey har Rishi-Muni, Sri Ram, Harishchandra jaise Rajaon aur unke praja ne nibhaya hai. Kehne ka bhaav sirf itna hee hai kee vidwan vedon ke anusar kewal ek nirakar Ishwar jisne yeh sansaar racha, paalan-poshan kiya aur is sansaar ko parlay mein samapat karke phir bana deita hai usee ek nirakar Parmeshwar ke kahe anusaar pooja karte hain, anya kee nahin.

Swami Ram Swarup: To purchase all the four Vedas, you are advised to please make contact with M/S Vijay Kumar Hassanand, Nai Sadak, Delhi 110006. I appreciate your views to purchase and study all four Vedas which is eternal knowledge which emanates directly from Almighty God.