Anonymous: Swamiji what is karma?

Swami Ram Swarup: Jo bhi shubh ya ashubh kaam karte ho wahi karam hai. Achhe karmon ka fal Ishwar punya deta aur punya ka fal sukh deta hai aur bure karmon ka fal Ishwar paap deta hai, paap ka fal jeev ko sada dukh deta hai. Aur karam ke baare mein bahut vedon mein kahi gahri philosophies hain jinka main varnan yahan nahi kar sakta.

Anonymous: Om namaste swami ji. Is the world an illusion as propagated by advaita philosophy?

Swami Ram Swarup: Beta advait philosophy states, “satyam braham jagat mithya” they say that there is only one God and not world and any matter of the world. That is they say that sun, moon, star and world etc, do not exist. Those are illusion but according to Vedas it is not true. Matter being lengthy I am not able to explain here. You are advised to study my book named ” vedon se jharta sanatan satya”. And I also paste my article below—–

My blessings are with you.


There are three matters in the Vedas which is called “Traitwad” first Almighty God , second – souls , third – Prakriti.

Almighty God and souls are alive whereas Prakriti is non-alive from which God creates universe. So, there is not only atma (souls) but Almighty God and Prakriti are also there.

  Souls (Atma) are several but God is one. Soul takes living being’s body based on his previous lives’ Karmas – good or bad so human being’s bodies , animals and birds’ body etc., are taken by souls.

   So, God states in Vedas that services to mother, father , learned atithi, learned acharya of Vedas and Yoga philosophy are required to be rendered when they are alive only and not after death.


Adwaitwad which tells that there is only one God and apart from God nothing exists.