Lal Mohammad: Swami ji mera doosra sawal ye hai” kya hindu dharam me murde ko
jalane se pahle ek pandit uske kan me “unkahi” kahta hai, agr ha to wo “unkahi” hai kya?
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedon mein murde ko kewal jalaane ka adesh hai. Iske ilawa kuchh
bhi nahin karne ka adesh hai. koi apnee marzi se riwaj banaata hai, to weh uskee apnee marzi hai, Bhagwan kee marzi nahin hai. kyunki murda to murda hee hota hai, usmein se jeev (rooh) to nikal chukee hotee hai jo shareer mein rehte hue suntee thee. Ab koi kaan mein kahe, chahe
gaye-bajaye, sunna kisi nein nahin hai, sunne walee rooh nikal chukee hai.

Kumar: Thanking You Sir.
Swami Ram Swarup: You are welcome, please.

Pramod: Highly Respected Swami Ram Swarupji, Thank you very very much for the detailed reply to my questions. As suggested by you , first I will try to read maximum matter from the large choice of Veda books & CDs. I was expecting some short cut to avail the advantage of your long experience on various subjects & your vast knowledge of Vedas. But I realise that one has to go into it only after reading all the Vedas and there may not be any short cut. My expectation was looking at my age of 70 + to save time in finding out the correct approach or sort of summing up of all the big knowledge of Vedas because I am left with a short time left to gain the full knowledge. Please help in this regards , if at possible for you. This guidance of yours will help a long way to especially people of my age group. Else, I will first read , as far as possible, and then come to you once again. Thanking your again, With regards & Saadar Pranaam to you, Pramod
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you. You are welcome, please. I appreciate your views. Actually, the books which have been written totally based on Vedas can actually be considered as short cut to enter Vedas knowledge and really you will get immense knowledge after
studying the books and hearing Cds. Otherwise, knowledge of Vedas is infinite. In this connection, I write here a true story. There was nce Rishi Kashyap who studied Vedas continuously for hundred years, when death came, he prayed To God to increase his age so as to do more study of Vedas. He further did deepest study of Vedas and when death came at the age of two hundred years, he again prayed to God that he is just not satisfied and further prayed to increase his age for another hundred years. Then Kashyap Rishi again started study of Vedas for further hundred years, but now when he reached three hundred years of age and death came, Rishi prayed to God that he is still not satisfied by study of Vedas continuously for three hundred years. Vedas gave him utmost divine pleasure day by day but being unlimited, there was no end of them and Rishi uttered Oh God! I leave my body to meet with death because “Ananta Vai Vedaha” i.e., knowledge of Vedas is unlimited and infinite. It cannot be finished even after continuous study of Arab years or more. Day by day, its mantras give new divine pleasure and knowledge. Please, note that before start of every Vedic bhajan, a detailed
Vedic preach is there. So, Vedic preach should be listened carefully to get divine Vedic knowledge in the song. You are always welcome here and really, I will be pleased, if you pay your visit here to gain knowledge of Vedas.