B: Swami ji namaste. Mere rog ko sushrut samhita me Shokaj unmaad kaha hai. Main janana chahta hun ki Shokaj unmaad mere kis janm ke kis paap ka fal hai? Aur us paap ka fal kya har ek ko ek jaisa hi hota hai? Swamiji kya aisa ho sakta hai ki Paap ka fal ek hi mil raha hai lekin vyakti ki mentality ke karan use jyada dukh ho raha ho?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Is prashann ka uttar main pehle dey chuka hoon. Please, check. Agar uttar nahin mila to aap yeh prashann dubara bhej dein.

Karmon kee philosophy aur karma phal dena yeh sub Ishwar ke haath hai aur ishwar hee jaanta hai ki kis paap ka phal kaisa hota hai, kya diya jaye.

Harshad: I have heard about doing astral travel in which soul along with astral body can travel anywhere in the universe by keeping physical body stationary. Is it possible to do such astral travel? I have also heard that doing astral travel is risky because during your astral travel another pret-atma can enter your body. How is it possible that another atma can enter one’s body? And the person doing astral travel may become mentally ill, or mad. Still, some yogis can successfully do such travel. They build up a strong shield (aura) against their physical body. How can we attain shield? What will be form of that shield? Is it related to meditation or advanced meditation?
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please. Matter of such astral travel do not exist in Vedas. So, learned of Vedas do not accept it, being against Vedas. However, in all three lokas, lives’ exist. No, in human body only two matters reside- one soul and second is Almighty God. At the time of death, soul leaves the body and after thirteen days gets rebirth. As regards Pret atma, I paste the following article as under-

There is no pret yoni in the God’s creation. Yajurveda mantra 40/3 states, “PRETYAPI GACHCHANTI”, so here pret means “after death”. Gachchanti means “go”. The whole meaning of the mantra is that those who kill the soul i.e., who do not listen to the inner voice of pure soul but got indulged in sins etc., they go to the lokas i.e., they take birth in bodies where knowledge can never be gained and the body will be called asur/devil. So “pret” means death and not ghost. We must follow the words and meanings of Vedas and hence should avoid learning of self derived meanings of divine words of Vedas.

Soon after leaving body of the person, soul drifts into “sushupt” stage i.e., in unconscious stage. His body is burnt and without body soul can’ t see, listen, touch, smell, taste, think, walk and can’t even do any kind of work etc. Soul remains in unconscious stage and therefore soul can neither be ghost nor can he take food of shradh etc. Instead soul takes next birth after thirteen days, based on his previous lives’ deeds.

When no ghost exists then question of getting shield by a Yogi does not arise.

Prahlad: Namaste guruji please send 1. Prabhu sa koi duja ACD 2. Ved vanni ke updesh ACD 3. Vedic prashnotri 4. Brahamcharya dukh nivarak divyamani 5. Yajna karm -sarvashresth ishwar pooja.
Swami Ram Swarup: Books are being sent to you, please.