Pravin: Namaste swamiji, in your book “Protect the Holy Cow” you said God created cow, horse, then humans. I got below questions raised in my mind.

1. Humans have soul so any other life like planets,animals,birds have soul.

2. If all living creation has soul then after destruction (pralaya) when god created the world again on what basis some souls entered into humans and other souls into other living organism..isn’t it biased that a fresh soul which did nothing goes into plant?

3. Is Advaitha philosophy against Vedas? If it is can you please explain how and how do win over the sanyasi(sadhu) in himalaya who is advaitha follower.

4. Many people are talking bad about Atharva veda (including some renowned so called saints) saying it contains magic spells,witchcraft, mantras dedicated to cause mrithu to enemy. like that but where as you told me it contains “details of God, medical science and details of medicine” .. Swamiji is Atharva veda contains such details in mantra. if not how to counter these people and their arguments.

5. My personal question i am having trouble with digestion as my work involves rotational shifts including night shifts am pron to digestion issues. could you please advise me a cure And thank you for the book “Protect the Holy Cow and its translation in Tamil” Swamiji . Now I am able to counter people who justifies eating beef/meat saying its said in vedas. May God give you long life to enlighten us .
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaste ji.

(1) All living-beings like plants, animals, human-beings, insects etc., have souls.

(2) The souls enter the body in the next creation based on their previous lives’ deeds. Souls are eternal, alive and everlasting. Souls never become fresh. All souls are alive and in the bodies, souls can’t remain idle, being alive, soul has to do deeds and as quoted above, the souls based on previous lives’ deeds go in next birth[next body].

(3) Yes, advait philosophy is against vedas. In this connection, I’ve written book and if you desire to study book, it will be sent to you on receipt of your postal address. Book is :-





You may study my book and then may talk to sanyasi.

(4) Atharvaved is called “Brahma Ved” also by Rishi-munis because it contains Brahma knowledge including medical science and medicines, herbs etc. So, those who never study vedas spread false knowledge about the pious vedas, knowledge of which emanates directly from God. Then, they never study vedas but pass comments of other false prophets.

You may invite them to study Atharvaved with you under the guidance of a learned acharya of vedas.

(5) You may get advice from medical authorities. Always take luke warm water when you awake early in the morning then after going to washroom and brushing take at least one and a half glasses of luke warm water. Never take street junk food and food from dhabas, restaurant, hotel etc., after taking meals take two tablets of Ayurvedic medicine – Hingoli which is available in the market. Go for a long morning walk daily.

My heartiest blessings to you, my son.