Deepak Mishra: Bhojan our bhajan main kya farak hota hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Bhojan shareer ke liye hota hai, shareer ko takat deita hai, pusht karta hai, jeevatma ko takat nahin deita. Hum jeevatma hain aur shareer mein rehte hain. Shareer ek din nasht ho jata hai. Hum (soul) nasht nahin hote. Phir likhta hoon, bhojan shreer ke liye hota hai, shareer nasht ho jaata hai. Shareer ke dwara kiya Ishwar ka bhajan for example:- name jaap, hawan , yajyen, yogabhyas aadi yeh hamare liye i.e., jeevatma ke liye hota hai. Jeevatma bhojan khakar nahin tartee par bhajan se tartee hai arthat bhajan dwara dukh ko paar kartee hai. Shareer se bhajan aur achchey karma hote hain isliye shareer ko tandarust rakhne ke liye bhojan and dhan zaroori hai tub hee shareer se bhajan hoga aur jeevatma dukh se chchootegee. Isliye bhojan aur bhajan dono hee zaroori hain.

Anjali: Dear Swami Ji, Lots of love & Charan sparsh! Please help me. My parents would like to get a Ramayan paath conducted at my city. May I seek your help in getting the same conducted at your ashram. Since we belong to a middle class family, I would also need your help in knowing the cost estimation of doing the same. We plan to get the same done on a suitable date that you’ll suggest, in March 2011. Not sure whether you answer such queries but still a seeker of your reply.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter.Yes, you are always welcome to conduct Ramayan Path here in Ved Mandir, happily please. We all will welcome you all. Boarding and lodging are always free here for all and no charges are taken. So, you should not worry about any payment. You may come on any date in the indicated month.

Anil: Swami ji namasta Q. Man, Dil, Budhi, Atma ma kya antar ha? Please give me proper explanation with bast explanation. Sometime I become very confuse in all these terms. Dhanyavad

Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Mann (mind), buddhi (intellect) and dil (heart) are separate from each other and made of non-alive matter prakriti. Function of mann is to take all messages from five senses(eye, ears, nose, tongue, skin) and send it to intellect. Mann thinks deeply, buddhi decides, heart palpitates to circulate the blood in whole body. As regards, soul, the soul is alive matter and it is not made of any matter, etc.