Rohan: Charansparsh RishiVer, Wishing you and everyone in the family best of health, prosperity and God Bless. 1.What does the shabd ‘Sanskriti’ mean if we break it(sendhiViched) as these days this word is used in conjunction with man-made rules which they call it a culture, how would we define it in a true sense?

2.What does the Shabd ‘Bhagva’ mean if we break it (sendhiViched), is it only to be worn by a sanyasi when an Archarya gives the permission or can it be worn in a different situation. I just wanted to understand it in slightly more in depth.

3. Maharaj Ji someone asked me ” if Radhe means money… Plz give me a context or a reference to verify the same “, would you kindly please advise how I should reply/advise. Warm Regards & Best of health to you again. Rohan

Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you, my son.

(1) Sam+Kriti = Sanskriti i.e., the best culture.

(2) Word Bhagwa does not exist in vedas but in man-made language Bhagwa indicates the colour of fire and those who wear by the permission of an Acharya, he is taught to consider the Bhagwa clothes an indicator of fire i.e., the Sanyasi should remember that one day his body will be placed on pyre and presently should remember it and leave all bad deeds/sins and concentrate towards spiritual matter.

(3) In Samved mantra 1600, Radhanaam Patey words exist. Radhanaam means wealth/money, Patey means Lord. So, meaning of Radhanaam Patey is Lord of money/wealth. Radhanaam in Sanskrit is a word in vibhakti. But original word is Radha. So, meaning of Radha is money/wealth.

Deepak: I need always your blessings charan sparsh.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings are always with you, my son.