Krish Jain: Ashtami or chaturdashi ka kya mahatwa hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Ashtami ka matlab 8 (eight) aur Chaturdashi ka matlab 14(fourteen) hai. Pratyek din hum sab ke liye mahatvapoornna hai, yadi hum pratidin agnihotra perform karte hain aur sab din shubh karma karte hain.

EA: Namaste guruji . I want to know I am manglik girl according to online kundli app mangal dosh is in my 8th house that is strong and I am 26 yrs old …but I wanted to marry a person who is non manglik ..can you please provide me solution to marry him without and destroy to anyone in any sense…Please reply as I m very stress..I need your help …Please …
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Mangalik matter and teva, kaal sarp dosh, pitri dosh, nav grah , vaastu present palmistry etc., do not exist in vedas. So, being unauthentic, the learned of Vedas do not accept the same. So, beti donot be afraid of such false matters. Where ever your parents fix your marriage, perform that marrriage happily. My blessings are always with you and even God is always with you. Above quoted matters are man-made and are not accepted by God.

You may happily perform the marriage with that non-mangalik person. Here, I would like to say that so called pandits, against the Vedas have declared the boy non- mangalik where as mangalik and non-mangalik matter does not exist in Vedas and therefore is false. You see, God has created this universe and all human beings have equal right. So, why the mangalik and non-mangalik matter is not applicable for those who are not hindus. This also clarifies that the matter is false.