Thakur: Guru ji mere aap guru he mene aapse guru mantra liya he me ye janna chahta hu ki mera bhavisya aage kesa hoga me kis chej ka business karu or mere bare me sab chej bataye pranam guru ji
Swami Ram Swarup: Thakurji, aapne mujhse kab Guru Mantra liya tha? Kahaan liya tha kyunki mujhe aisa mehsoos hota hai ki maine aapko Guru Mantra nahin diya. Kripya pooree batein likhein phir main aapko aapke prashan ka uttar dey paayunga. Please, yeh bhi likhein kee aap kahaan ke rehne wale hain.

Lalit: Pranam Swamiji
1.Rig veda 5/44/15
2.Sam Veda 1827
3.Please explain the meaning of these mantras.
4.Swamiji is there any mantra which should be chanted or havan done with which would give blessings of the almighty for a new business and would guide the devotee in earning only pious money and increase prosperity and excellence in business. Apko charan sparsh Dhanyavad.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
Saamveda Mantra 1827

(Agni) Agni (Jagaar) jagta hai (Tam) usko (Richaha) Richayein arthat ved mantra (Kamyante) chahte hain arthat kamna karte hain (Agnihi) Agni (Jagaar) jagata hai (Tam) usko (U) he (Samaani) Saamveda ke mantra (Yanti) prapt hotey hain (Agnir Jagaar) Agni Jagta hai (Tam) usko (Ayam) yeh (Somaha) Ishwar (Aaha) kehta hai ki (Aham) Main (Nyokaha) Nishchit hee (Tav) teri (Sakhye) Mitrata mein (Asmi) hoon.

Idea of the mantra is that if a person leaves laziness and by hardwork he gets up early in the morning and studies Vedas then the deepest meaning of ved mantras is originated in his heart and God also becomes his mitra i.e., friend. The friend i.e., Mitra means God showers all His blessings on him.

So, we must wakeup early in the morning, secondly, we must be aware of the illusion and its effects i.e., kaam, krodh, mad, lobh, ahankar. So, by doing Vedic worship, we must control our senses and perceptions. This will be sort of jagaar i.e., awakening from illusion.

Rigveda mantra 5/44/15

(Agnihi) Agni kee tarah jo (Jagaar) jagta hai i.e., those who leave laziness and become hard working (Tum) uske (richaha) ved mantra and ved mantron ko jananey wale vidwaan (kaamyante) kaamna karte hain aur (Agnihi) jo Agni ke samaan (Jagaar) jaagta hai (tum) usko (u) bhi (Samaani) Saamved kee vidya(yanti) prapt hotee hai i.e., he becomes the learned of Saamveda mantras (Agnihi) jo agni ke samaan (jagaar) jagrit hota hai i.e., is awakened (tum) usko (Ayum) yeh (Nyokaha) Nishchit hee (Somaha) Ishwar aur learned (Aaha) aisa kehte hain ki (Tav) aapki (Sakhye) Mitrata mein (Ahum Asmi) main hoon i.e., those who leave the laziness and get up early in the morning, overcome their senses and leave the illusion by studying and following Vedas’ knowledge and do hardwork for the same, they only become real, religious persons.

Daily sandhya mantras used in daily agnihotra are enough to fulfill the desires as written by you in your question-

Again, my heartiest blessings to you, my son.

Manher: RAAM RAAM Swami ji Agnisanskar for females–is sunday o.k.for a widow? JAI HO…
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, please. Sunday is also a pious day and is Okay.

B: Pujya Swamiji, What is the meaning of lying? Can a human being be free from lies totally in this world? Is lying to closest relative more sinful than lying to unknown or other unrelated known people? Do all lies have same weightage of sin?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Lying means a person who has falsehood in his mind, tells lies with mouth and does false deeds i.e., sin physically. it means he is a liar. In this connection, Shatpath Brahmin Granth states that man tells lie and learned of Vedas always speaks truth. So, one should follow Vedic knowledge and become learned person and not merely an ordinary human being. Yes, he who listens to Vedas, does daily Yajyen/hawan , name jaap and practice of Ashtang Yoga under the guidance of learned acharya one day he becomes capable of controlling his five senses, perceptions and mind. Such person becomes totally free from lying in this world. Lie is just like poison. So, whether you give the said poison to your close relatives or others, it will harm the liar i.e., to tell lie is a sin and God awards the punishment to the liar, in return, in the shape of sorrows which liar will’ve to face one day.

Gulamali: With duas and salaams ,thank you very much for the answer. I pray to Allah/Ishwer to grace you a happy and long life Ameen Lastly Swamiji please pray for me and my family. We are so lucky that Swamiji is praying for us. Thanks Jai swami Narayan Jai shi Krisna Khuda hafiz
Swami Ram Swarup: Gulamali Bhaijaan, mera bhi aapko pyar se salaam aur Ishwar se meri dua/prarthna hai ki aap aur aapka parivar sadaa sukhi rahey.
You are always welcome, please.
Aapkey pyar ko main apney dil mein hamesha rakhunga aur sadaa aapke liye dua karta rahoonga.Khuda Hafiz.