Jayparkash: Jai Shri Krishna! Swami Ji, Do you know the sad news about the Temple Demolished in Karachi Pakistan? It was 80 to 100 years Old Temple, was situated in Doli Khata Compound Soldier bazaar Karachi. It was demolished by a Private builder on 01-12-2012 at between 11:00 am to 01:00 pm. The builder plot is beside the temple and he wants to takeover the temple area and Pujaries houses. Jay Parkash.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, please. I’ve also heard the heart-breaking news. But, we can do nothing.

Praful: NAMASKAR SWAMIJI. Do women have property rights in vedas?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaskarji. Yes, if the parents have only girl-child, then the girl is entitled to property-rights of parents.

Aditya: Pranam mahraj ji. As you know I am vedic follower and I never believe in superstitions. I have a doubt. I told you about a recent demise in family. On 2nd january as you told many times in pravachan that after death jeev atma will go in sushupt avstha for 13 days but here people are telling me that we must have to keep lights on because the jeev atma will be here for 13 days and can also be seen. Please clarify my doubt and give me your ashirvad.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

When, you do not believe in superstitions then you should have your firm faith in Vedas, without having any misunderstanding. When 39th chapter of Yajurveda tells that soul after leaving the dead body remains in space for thirteen days and thereafter takes next birth then there should not be any doubt, in it.

So, to keep the lights on etc., is against the Vedas.

K & K: Namastey swami ji. We want to wish you a very happy & prosperous new year. Also wishing new year to all the families of ved mandir may this be a blessed year ahead.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. I thank you and pray to God to bless your family with long, happy life.

Vikas: Sadar Pranaam, I am a new member. My Uncle and my mother told me about you and the great service that you are doing for the human kind. Please accept my heartiest best wishes for the New Year 2013. Best Regards, Vikas.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessing to you, my son. Thanking you. I also pray to God to bless you and your family for a long, happy life.