Kiran R. Das: Namaste swamji pranam happy new year & makar sankrti. Swamiji the scientist have achieved making artificial mind & one day there are getting to able soul transfer one body to another living body. What is opinion regarding this matter?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Happy new year to you as well. Scientists may make artificial mind and you see its name will always remain artificial mind and not natural mind. So, the function of the artificial mind will always differ from natural mind which is made by God. You see, artificial matter can never be compared to natural matter. For example- Artificial fruits, sun, moon, flowers have been made but how can said matters be compared to natural ones?

Secondly, when soul leaves the body then it carries with him mind and intellect which is a natural process. But, it can never be possible that artificial mind would go with soul. Also, science may try to transfer one soul to another body but result will always be negative because soul enters first in the body of male member under the administration of God and then the soul enters into the womb of mother where the soul gets five perceptions, five organs etc. the said process is eternal, everlasting and quite unchangeable. I mean to say, the soul enters into the body only under the administration of Almighty God and the power can’t be delegated to man, being unchangeable vide Rigveda mantra 3/56/1? However, I would like to say that science emanates from Vedas and scientists along with science shall always remain respectworthy because it serves the mankind. But, scientists and we all human-beings must not forget that man’s power is limited whereas God’s power is unlimited and therefore with limited knowledge of man’s mind the unlimited secret of Almighty God can’t be known only, limited secret can be known. It is an everlasting, unchangeable truth of Vedas, shastras that even a Yogi, who merges himself in the Almighty God during salvation, can’t challenge the creation of God. I mean to say, even a Yogi can’t create any single matter of universe. Otherwise, there shall remain no difference between man and God.

Anonymous: I am married with children. My wife is going to divorce me. I am so confused some astrologers say if she would have stayed with me death would have been imminent, its good she is into another relationship. Please help me understand?
Swami Ram Swarup: Astrology is not preached by God in Vedas so learned never accept it. So, first of all please forget the astrology matters. Secondly, try to maintain the married relations at your level best. You must take help of elders in this matter and parents of your wife in this matter otherwise future of children will be ruined. You start talking to your wife in loving manner and I hope the case will be settled. You see, the remarriage will be harmful for you both.