S Kumar: How many days Kaal Sarp puja can be perfomed at Ujjian. Is it necessary for wife to accompany husband for the puja.total expenditure of puja?
Swami Ram Swarup: Kaal Sarp Yog & other such defects in astrology.
Vedas are eternal and knowledge direct from God wherein such horoscope, kaal sarp yog etc., are not mentioned, please. So you need not to worry. Please try to do havan daily even from Gayatri mantra, which is a great worship of God and will give you benefit. The meaning of kaal is also time. So death comes according to time for which the God has given life to us. This is all based on our previous lives’ pious deeds and sins. So there is no effect of kaal sarp yog etc., in the life, but effect of deeds (karmas) only. So, one must do always pious deeds to be happy. Present pious deeds can burn our previous deeds also.

Kumar: Namaste I am reading about atma, parmatma (GOD), and moksha. I can understand some facts but everything cant be found from books or scriptures. Atma is nothing other than energy. I read your Q&A where yourself always say soul is suffering, facing result, and there are so many souls. Soul is not doing anything it is not acceptable to say that soul see or breath or what. Soul cant remember its is a department of mind. Everybody known for their works and not for atma. And this is truth. Everybody is running after invisibility that cant be seen. There are only two things matter and spirit and spirit is itself GOD and nothing else. Atma is everywhere. There is no question of inside or outside nor atma leaving out of body. This is entirely logic less nor any scripture can make it clear nor any yogi made it clear so far even after almost 2 Arab years.
Please let me know the ultimate and universal truth. If GOD giving us everything clear then why we put maya into it? I never face any suffering. Simply atma is everywhere as GOD because it is its nature similarly body is working because it is its nature. Nothing can merge into GOD since energy is one and everywhere. All say moksha means beyond the birth and death. What we will do getting into such moksha ? We want to do work that is to be remembered like Krishan or Ram or Govind singh did. If mind is stead that is clearly moksha. Best work means best result and best result means going further in the service of universe being above the fear of death and birth. Why every thing is define or preached in complex manners?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaste. Yes, atma does not breathe, does not see and has no weight. Vedas tell about three matters-God, Souls and Prakriti. God and souls are alive matters whereas prakriti is non-alive matter from which entire universe is made.

Had spirit been God then human beings/living beings would not suffer. Secondly, if one would say that for sometime God is indulged in Maya and becomes soul then it will be unauthentic and even impossible because Maya can’t command Almighty God. Rigveda mantra 10/129/7 clearly states that God is Lord of Prakriti and souls.

Atma resides within the body of living-beings under the command of Almighty God.

You are advised to read the culture written by Swami Dayanandji who has told about the existence of three matters from Vedas i.e., God, souls and Prakriti and the said three matters are quite separate from each other.

We ourselves are indulged in Maya, not by the order of God. Soul through five senses, perceptions and mind collects the data of outwordly world and gets attracted towards data which is the reason to be involved in Maya and thus soul forgets his original form.

How can it be possible that you’ve not faced sufferings and you’ve not experienced happiness and sorrows/problems?

If it is possible then it would be an extraordinary case of the world because you see, the birth is based on our previous lives’ deeds-good as well as bad. That is why, it is natural that in the life one has to experience happiness and sorrows occasionally.

Body is made of Prakriti which is non-alive. So, it can not be the nature of body to work, it being non-alive. In this connection I paste my answer as follows:-

Vedas state that Atma (soul) suffers, i.e., Atma as stated in Rigveda mantra 10/135/1,2 comes into womb of mother where he gets human body to face the result of previous lives’ deeds good or bad in the shape of happiness or sorrows. Atma suffers when the result of bad deed is to be faced. Atma itself can’t suffer but suffers through body. You see, if a thorn is pricked in body then pain starts. Now you see who will bear the pain, non-alive body or alive soul. Naturally non-alive matters are dead and can’t experience the pain. So Atma through the body part suffers with the pain. When a person is declared dead then it means that soul has left the non-alive body. Then if the body is beaten, cut, operated etc., then body does not suffers because the power which suffered the pain, sorrows etc., and felt happiness etc., has gone out of the body. So Atma suffers. Secondly, hands, eyes, mouth etc., can’t do anything until intellect gets order from Atma to do deed. This is an eternal process which can’t be changed. Otherwise if a person does murder of a other person then the punishment should have been given to the non-alive weapon but it is not done. Punishment is given to the criminal and through body Atma suffers. Yes, Atma is eternal, immortal and unchangeable but is bounded with deeds (Karma Bandhan). God is everywhere not atma please. You see, a person live in Delhi and he has seen Delhi only. So, he would know about Delhi only, otherwise he could have known about whole of the world, it is impossible because Atma is not omnipresent.

God being everywhere and Almighty and nurses us therefore all souls are within God and God is within all Atmas. But due to indulged in illusion every Atma does not know about God and too in the absence of eternal knowledge of Vedas. Yes, Atma when realises God by doing hard Tapasya, by doing Ashtang Yoga residing in human body then Atma is freed from all kinds of bindings and get salvation. Originally Atma is pure, alive and away from all kinds of dirt, but atma has forgotten its original shape being indulged in illusion spread all over the world through the effect of Rajogun, Tamogun and Satogun of Prakriti. The above statement is based on knowledge of four vedas, six shastras and all ancient holy books of Rishi/munis, please.

Yes, nothing can merge in God but soul when gets salvation, always remains with God. Moksha means to be free from all kinds of bindings and to always remain in divine pleasure with God and we should sure do the pious deeds like Sri Ram, Sri Krishnan Maharaj, Harishchandra and several other dignitaries. Sri Ram, Sri Krishna Maharaj very well did the pious deeds and especially remained with Guru Vasishth and Sandeepan Rishi respectively and got knowledge of Vedas and Ashtang Yoga Philosophy and practised Ashtang Yoga in their lives also.

Then, Sri Ram and Sri Krishna Maharaj used to do daily hawan with Ved mantras and practised Ashtang Yoga Philosophy in morning and the evening. They gathered great knowledge of Vedic culture, served their mother, father, elders etc., and so we should also follow the same path to do daily hawan and practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy and listening of Vedic knowledge etc.
There is a target of human life, which is to attain salvation by worshipping Almighty God. All our deeds, say Vedas, should be according to Vedas to get salvation. Vedas tell to discharge all duties simultaneously while worshipping God otherwise what would be the use of doing deeds without above target/motto.

So, everything in Vedas has been defined and preached for the benefit of human beings and not in complex manner, please. You can’t challenge the Almighty God. We must comment on the matter for which we’ve gained knowledge from Vedas. If we have not studied Vedas then how can we condemn/disregard the fundamental laws of Vedas? So, I request you to please first study the Vedas.

Anonymous: Guruji Pranam, I am in a very confused state presently. I like a person and would like to get married to him. However my parents are strong believers of Kundali matching and our Kundalis dont match. They have been told by many pundits that in the Kundali of the person I like it is written that he will have affairs and that we will be separated soon after marriage. Due to these reasons they are afraid and unwilling to have me married to this person. I really like the person and want to be married to him with the blessings of my parents. I would like to also ask you as to what is there in Vedic astrology. Does it mention about Kundali matching and can Kundalis predict what would happen in a persons life in future? Is there any mention in Vedas or other books if the Kundalis of Shri Ram and Mata Sita were matched before their marriage? Because I heard that they were and it was predicted in their Kundalis that they would be separated and they were
when Shri Ram banished Mata Sita from Ayodhya. Also I have heard that Kundali matching and prediction using planetary positions was written by great sages after long Tapasya. The names I have heard is Rishi Parashara and his lineage. Also I believe that Sage Vyasa who wrote the Vedas is the son of Rishi Parashara. Is this true that Rishi Parashara wrote about Kundali matching and effects of Planetary positions on a persons life? Please enlighten me about this.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. Neither present astrology nor Kundali matching/teva etc., has been mentioned in Vedas, please. So, learned do not accept it, being unauthentic.

You may go ahead to get married to the boy fearlessly with the permission of your parents.
In the ancient times knowledge of Vedas was in vogue and no present sect, astrology, teva, vastu kala, kaal sarp yoga existed.

So, question of matching Kundali of Bhagwan Ram and Mata Sita, Yudhishthir and Draupadi, Harishchandra with his wife did not arise. They were learned and got married after knowing the good qualities of both the sides.

Rishi Vyas only wrote Vedanta shastra and Mahabharata. The ancient dignitaries including Vyas Muniji were believers of Vedas only. They knew about Yajurveda mantra 7/48 that human beings are free to do deeds good or bad but result is awarded by God. They were well aware of karmas’ philosophy. So, how could Vyas Muniji or Prashar Rishi write about Kundali matching, being totally against the Vedas. I also paste here short description of karmas’ philosophy below:-

Three types of Deeds
There are three types of deeds (karmas) – sanchit, prarabhadh and kriyamann. Suppose one soul has to take birth (body). It means he has to face total number of deeds of his all previous lives and these deeds are called sanchit karmas but sanchit deeds are huge/unlimited and cannot be faced in one life. So the karmas which can be faced in one life are called prarabhadh (luck-destiny). So God has not made our luck at His own but Almighty God has taken the deeds which we have already done.

Yajurveda mantra 7/48 clarifies that human being is free to do any deed good or bad but God only awards the result. Now the balance deeds from sanchit deeds will be counted in the next life. Now the deeds which we do in our day today present life are called kriyamann.

If we do pious deeds according to Vedas, shastras and holy books and based on pious preaches of Rishi, Muni/learned saints then our all sanchit deeds are burnt and we can get salvation. Human beings are free in the matter of doing deeds good or bad. But result will be awarded by God. So we must worship and do pious deeds under guidance of a learned Guru. One should go always ahead for hard working, pious deeds, worship to make future bright himself. One should always work hard towards a right path.

Worship does not mean that we are free to discharge only our family duties, education, etc., but rather it is a sin. We have to get progress in both way at a time i.e., spiritualism and worldly progress i.e., science, education, duties towards family etc. God creates the universe according to His eternal law framed in Vedas which are always unchangeable and unchallengeable. So we have to follow the law of God always to get long happy life.

Moreover, Rishi Vyas or any saint, man/woman, Rishi etc., did not write Vedas, actually knowledge of Vedas emanates at the beginning of every creation, direct from God and is originated in the heart of four Rishis. Then it reaches through heart to heart to others. Vedas is not a book. Every Rishi remember Vedas by heart, traditionally. During Mahabharat kaal, Rishi Vyas who also remembered Vedas by heart form his acharya traditionally, himself desired to write Vedas on Bhoj Patra, for the benefit of mankind. So, there is no writer of Vedas except God from whom Vedas emanate i.e., God Himself also does not write the Vedas, He being Formless. Erroneously, it has been made a tradition to say that Vyas Muni wrote the Vedas.