Utkarsh: 1-how many Gayatri mantra malas can be read and can it be read unlimited number
2-which mala can be used to read Gayatri mantras.
3-what to do for completion of any true desired wish
Swami Ram Swarup: 1.) If time suits then Gayatri mantra should be recited within heart, as many times as can be chanted but see that the mantra is chanted along with its word by word meaning, every time.
2.) In this case, any mala can be used preferably. Tulsi or rudraksh, otherwise mala is not required.
3.) Two pious deeds are required to be done, to fulfill any true desired wish —
a.) One deed is to perform daily yajyen/havan with ved mantras.
b.) Second deed is to work hard to achieve the aim accordingly.

When a person will do daily yajyen/havan and in the end of such Yajyen/havan, he would pray to God to fulfill his pious desires and accordingly when he will work hard for the same, he will achieve the goal.

Arvind: I saw sheshnag in my dream,somewhere deep down in jungle and its mission to move dwaraka city by travelling across river. I just woke from dream and asking you what it means.
Swami Ram Swarup: According to eternal knowledge of Vedas, dreams are always false but sure create some unnecessary sorrows etc. So, your dream has also no significance, please. Regarding dreams, I paste my article-


The dreams are mostly false. Dreams are based on the scenes, stories listened in previous life as well as in present life. Samveda is upasana kand and tells worship for one immortal formless God, who is almighty, omnipresent, omniscient. He creates, nurses and destroy the universe and again creates, Vedas say that no one was equal to God and neither no God took birth in the past at present and will never take birth in the future too. There was one God, is one and will ever remain one. He is only everlasting eternal and unchangeable king/lord of the universe. So we all must worship him only. In this connection guidance from a learned acharya of Vedas is necessary.

It is true that dreams come on the basis of the scene which we have seen in present as well as previous lives’. For example- if a person has never seen a fountain and he sees fountain in dream, it means he had seen the fountain in his previous life, the effect of which was imprinted on his chitta (mind).

Secondly, dreams are false. Dreams may give some pleasure but become painful sometimes. If a business man observes that he was a king in the dream but when he will wake up, he remains business man only and not the king. Vedas state that one should try to do worship of God to remove the occurrence of dreams in sleep.

Future is always based on past birth’ deeds or is based on present pious deeds. future is therefore in own hand, he who discharges his moral duties faithfully does hard deeds, pious deeds with full concentration, devotion and dedication, his future is always bright. One should attend satsang making time available to learn truth and know pious deeds to make future bright.

Vasudeva: Geetha as obtaining now has messages towards, Avatarvad, Idol worship and sins gets washed out just by praying God. These are all Anti-Vedic, I understand. Such being the case how Geetha in toto could be called a Vedic story? True Geetha has wonderful slokas that explain Vedic tenets also. But a few anti-Vedic tenets also have crept in. How do you reconcile. Swamiji I want answer from you as your knowledge of Vedas is deep and profound.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, mostly the present Bhagwad Geeta commented by those who never studied Vedas, give the message of Avtarwad, Idol worship, washing away sins only by praying God etc. So, problem is this that writer of Bhagwad Geeta is Vyas Muniji who was learned of Vedas and an Ashtang Yogi. But, the comments mostly are being given by those who lack the knowledge of Vedas.

So, how can the ignorant persons can achieve the secret and deep ideas of Vedas philosophy which is contained in the mind of learned Vyas Muniji and Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj, Sri Krishna Maharaj himself being the learned of Vedas and Ashtang Yoga philosophy. It is a fundamental law, made by God in Vedas that only a Yogi is capable to know the secrets of Vedas like Vyas Muniji, Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj and ancient Rishis and present ones. Can an illiterate person know the philosophy of medical science, can an illiterate person become an advocate. So, is the case of commentation who lack Vedas’ knowledge and comment as well as preach the Bhagwad Geeta.
In Mahabharat, there is a shloka, the meaning of which is that those who only study the Vedas but do not follow them in spirit, in their daily life, they belong to lowest category (in Hindi- Nechon ka Neech). So, if in the present, the person who only study the Vedas to encash it to attain money, glory, fame etc., they are also not able to give true Vedic comments. The main subject of all the Vedas is to control the senses by doing daily yajyen, name jaap and practice of Ashtang Yoga philosophy and to realize God, to attain salvation. If any body is not following the said path, he is also not a real worshipper of God.In this connection, Rigveda mantra 1/164/39 also refers wherein it is stated that if a person only studies the Vedas but does not follow them in spirit and does not realize God then the Ved mantras will do nothing for him.

So, at present the main problem is this that the people are in the cobweb of so-called saints who are against the vedas and as a result, most of the public is ignorant about the secret, the deepest and beneficial knowledge of Vedas which emanates directly from Almighty God in the beginning of every creation. If some learned of the Vedas are united and the present Government starts helping to spread the Vedic knowledge within India and thereafter abroad, Then only we would be able to achieve the ancient title of “Golden Bird” (Sone ki Chidiya) and “Spiritual master” (Vishwaguru), in respect of our country. You see, there is a fundamental , unchangeable, natural law that when sun rises then darkness gets over and similarly when the knowledge of Vedas(light) spreads then automatically illusion of public will be over.

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