M: My family is of old thoughts. I want to marry a girl outside my caste. What can I do?
Swami Ram Swarup: If you are a well earning hand and educated person, secondly, if the girl also loves you, moreover if you both are of marriageable age, then first try to convince your parents for the marriage. Your true love will sure make them to agree.

Md. Aaquib: Samaj,, a/salam. I want to gain knowledge of Vedas, as you have stated that first Vedas should be listen then samhita should be used. Please suggest me some idea how can I learn Vedas? Can you provide me CDs? Now my second question! Swamiji I am a Muslim and believe in Quran and Sunnah. Now the question is can I follow the teachings of Vedas being a practicing Muslim? Now third question. Quran allows non veg. food , what does Vedas say about this..is non veg food permitted or prohibited completely?
Swami Ram Swarup: Wale-kam-aslaam, please. I appreciate your views about learning Vedas. It shall not obstruct/hinder your faith in your own or in any other sect because Vedas are not a sect. Vedas is a knowledge which emanates directly from Almighty God for all human-beings. To enter the Vedic knowledge, I would advise you to please first read some of my Vedic books which will give you immense knowledge of Vedas. Some CDs are also available here pertaining to Vedic preach and Vedic songs. After studying the books, you will have to come here to listen to Vedas personally. Yes, please. You can follow the Islam religion, as usual. Vedic knowledge will give you the knowledge that God is Formless, Almighty and never takes birth. According to Vedas, non-vegetarian and any kind of addiction is strictly prohibited, please.

My heartiest blessings to you, for a long, happy life.

J P S: Pratah vandaniya Guruji Maharaj ko sashtang pranam. Param pujya maharaj ji,I received the news that Annual Yajyen is being held by you. Due to worldy circumstances, I am unable to attend the Pious Yajyen held by you. At the same time I request in your pious feet to bless me to be ascetic so that I may love only my affectionate Guruji Maharaj and almighty God. On the occasion of solar new year, I convey my greetings to all the aspirants of Ved Mandir.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you. Annual yajyen for sixty four days is being held from 8th April. You can try to attend it, if possible. You can attend one, two-three or four days and thereafter you can go back to home, then again you can come to offer Poornaahuti. Again, my blessings to you.

Nimesh: Guruji pranam. I feel lot of contradiction in massage in the Bhagwat Gita. Shree Krishna says “Jo mar raha hai us mai bhi mai hu or jo mar raha hai us mai bhi mai hu” TO phir bacha kya? I feel that we are part of Movie directed by GOD. We have a character to play. Our dialogues, our thoughts, the situation in which we are every thing is so precise. One more thing, we talk about JIVATMA. It is said that JIVA has all the desires etc. not the ATMA, but they are like two side of a coin. JIV and ATMA can not be separated. I feel like GOD has created this universe and he is enjoying all the creation by using human body or I would say ‘WO is sarir ke dwara apni rachi hue shrusti ke bhog karta hai.” Lot of confusion. Aaj se kroro shall pahel, jab bhi paheli bar koi JIVATMA or bahut sari JIVATMA ne sarir dharan kiya, tab na to wo buri thi and achhi. TO bhir bure karma kisne kiye jo sanchit karm ke roop mai agle janmo mai bhogne padtai hai? Please clarify where I am wrong in my interpretation.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Vedon ke anusar Ishwar kabhi avtar nahin leita, weh Sarvashaktimaan hai isliye ussey avtar leine kee zaroorat nahin. Sri Krishna Maharaj Ishwar ka avtar isliye nahin they parantu Sri Krishna Maharaj Yogeshwar they aur unke andar Brahma prakat tha. Jab Sri Krishna Maharaj Brahma avastha mein bolte they to unke andar se Ishwar kee vanni nikalti thee. Aam aadmi ko aisa lagta hai kee Sri Krishna Maharaj Ishwar hain parantu weh Ishwar ke roop they. Jahaan Sri Krishna keh rahein hain ki jo mar raha hai usmein bhi main hoon aur jo mar nahin rahaa us mein bhi main hoon, iska vedon ke anusaar arth hai kee Sri Krishna Maharaj Ishwar mein leen hokar Ishwar kee taraf se bol rahe hain ki, Ishwar jo mar raha hai, usmein bhi hai. bhaav yeh hai ki shareer marta hai, shareer mein rehne walee jeevatma ajar, amar, avinashi hai. Parmeshwar ka swabhav Sarvavyapak hona hai, isliye Parmeshwar pooree prithvi, shareer, baal aadi ke har hissey mein sadaa viraajmaan rehta hai. Weh Nirakar hai. Doosra jo nahin marne wali vastu hai, weh jeevatma hai, Parmeshwar pratyek chetan jeevatma mein bhi niwas karta hai. Jeevatma karma ke anusaar achcha-bura janam leitee hai, har manushya ko Ishwar nein achcha-bura karma karne ke liye azad kiya hai lekin karma ka achcha ya bura phal Ishwar khud deita hai. Jeevatma aur atma ek hee baat hai. kahin-kahin atma ko Parmatma bhi kehte hain. Atma ka arth jahaan Parmeshwar hai wahaan atma (God) ko koi desire nahin hoti. Desires to jeevatma ko hotee hain per vedic sadhna dwara jeevatma burey desires ko khatam kar deitee hai aur tub hee usko sukh prapt hota hai. God does not enjoy because it is not His quality. He is the form of divine pleasure. Ishwar bhog bhi nahin karta hai kyunki usmein koi desire nahin hotee. Ho sakey to aap apne doubts clear karne ke liye Bhagwad Geeta Part I and Part II (In Hindi) worth Rs.400/- each excluding postal charges, padein. It can be sent on receipt of your postal address, if you desire.

Jeevatma/Atma (but not Parmatma) ka ek hee roop hota hai, chetan, sukhswaroop aadi. Isliye jeevatma buree to kabhi bhi nahin hotee. Anaadi kaal se srishti rachna, palna, janam mrityu, pralaya aur pralaya ke baad phir srishti utpatti ka kram chalta aa rahaa hai aur chalta rahega. Isliye yeh prashna nahin uthta kee jeevatma kabhi achchee bhi thee aur buree bhi thee ityadi.

Chitransh: What is shivling? (also give the word meaning)
Swami Ram Swarup: ‘Shiv’ word is in Vedas. The meaning of which is “Benevolent”. Meaning of ling is sex organ as well as “noun”. However, ‘Shivling’ word has been made by people as it is not mentioned in any ved, shastra, upnishad, Mahabharat, Valmiki ramayan, Bhagwad Geeta, etc.

R: Jai ho param pita parmatma ki….I dont know from where to start. My young sister died recently. Most importantly one baba came to house and said to my family that we going to loose some1 in family soon. Is there any1 who can predict or do some effects on my family thats why she died or its just unfortunate?
Swami Ram Swarup: Sorry to listen about the demise of your loving sister. May God give her peace. Nobody can predict the exact date and time of death except Almighty God. Nobody can harm anyone by doing something like Tantrikism, ghost etc., because in Vedas, there is no existence of Tantrikism, ghost etc. No doubt, your loving sister died natural death, please .