Mahendra: I want to learn black magic. Is it good or bad? Please tell me.
Swami Ram Swarup: Black magic is not mentioned in eternal knowledge of Vedas. So
being against Vedas, learned do not accept it.

Vinay Arya: Swami Dayananda in his book Satyartha Prakaash has said that if even one statement in any book is wrong then the complete book will be false. It may be like this that one statement is wrong but others are true. If we consider Dayananda’s view then we cannot read any
book because there can be many mistakes. Is he right or wrong? If right then how?
Swami Ram Swarup: Yes, no doubt, if one statement in a book is false and remaining
statements are correct even then the whole book is to be left. You see when sun rises then full darkens gets over and not in pieces. It is also said that if a bucket is full of ambrosia (amrit) [ it is
symbolic language otherwise there is no ambrosia] and even one drop of poison is mixed then whole bucket is to be thrown away and is thrown away by learned. Similarly if a book is having even one false statement that statement will be harmful like a drop of poison in the bucket. So, Swami Dayanandji is very well correct in his statement.

Vinay Arya: Many great saints said,say that forget your past bad events.Well!We can take knowledge from our past bad events. So it will make us a fool if we do no try to recall our bad past events. Is doing like this wrong or right? If yes,then please give me the proof.
Swami Ram Swarup: The idea of forgetting the past bad event is that it may hurt us
again and again. But, we should repent about the bad deeds in the sense that it will not occur again i.e., sure we must take lesson from bad happenings but we must never feel shocked, for example-
Atharvaveda state that if any member, even our old grand father, or any young member of family goes to heavenly abode then we must take lesson from the death that we’ll have to face the death also. So, we must worship God according to Vedas to overcome the death and attain salvation. But, Vedas alert us again and again in mantras that, nobody should weep while remembering the death and should not grief over death.

Nitesh: Swamiji can you tell me your and Swami Sivananda’s age?
Swami Ram Swarup: My age is seventy-one years but I do not know the age of Sivanandji.

Nitesh: Does it matters whether teacher is lady or man?
Swami Ram Swarup: It does not matter. Hence, teacher may be a lady or a man. However, Vedas tell that women should preach only to girls and ladies and men should preach men.