V: Namaste GuruJi, It is my fortune to have come in the contact in this great site. I
regular visit this site.Guruji I would like to ask to you that what is difference among Sadhu, Sant, Rishi & Brahamrishi. Second Query I would like to purchase your Book Geeta Ek Vedic Rahasay & Book on Brahamcharya & Book on Astang Yog, please give me contact details from where I can get the book, I live In Delhi. Third Query that My family have great devotee of Mata Kali & Hanuman Ji& my younger brother aged 18, claim that Mata Kali comes in his body & and he make a lot of noise. I know this is against Veda. God never comes in body & do nonsense activity like beating floor with hands. But I do not know what is his problem. I see in my around many Tantrik/Bhakt which claim they can make to enter the Kali in Body of anybody and believed in Pitra / Dead person soul enter in body of a living person. But tell me how can they claim that kali or Pitra comes in their body, even my mother has claimed so and said me “Mai tumahara Pirtra Hu”. I think my
mother can not tell lie. but on other Hand I can not believe which is against Veda. Please solve my query.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. I’m thankful to you, please. Sadhu means he who is benevolent, hard working and does pious deeds.(Rigveda mantra 8/77/11, Rigveda mantra 8/32/10 and Rigveda mantra 10/81/7).

Sant means saint, dharmatma i.e., one who is religious. But, now it has been a problem and has become very difficult to determine as to who is true sadhu and sant.

Rishi= The definition of Rishi is “Rishiyo Mantradrashtaraha/Mantradrishta Iti Rishihi” i.e., he who after studying Vedas, following it and after doing hard study of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy which is mentioned in Vedas, has seen ved mantras within him, he is called Rishi.

Such Rishi only realises Almighty God therefore he is also called “Brahma Rishi” because Brahma Rishi knows Shabda Brahma i.e., Ved mantras as well as Param Brahma i.e., realises Almighty, Formless God. You see, there is lot of difference between Rishi-Brahma Rishi dignitaries and sadhu-sant.

Rishi-Brahma Rishi themselves have divine qualities of knowing Vedas and realizing God after doing hard practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy whereas mostly the sadhus and sants nowadays have no particular knowledge of Vedas and do not indulge in hard practice of Ashtang Yoga practice. The path of present saints and sadhus differ from Vedic philosophy. As also stated in Rigveda mantra 1/164/45 a Rishi, learned of Vedas knows divine Sanskrit wherein he knows Naam, Akhyat, upsarg, nipaat. On the contrary, others do not know it. It is also surprising and sad that some of the saints yet add the divine title of Rishi-Brahma Rishi before their names but are totally devoid of divine qualities of above stated Rishis and Brahmarishis. Now, people in the absence of knowledge of Vedas are not able to know the truth and hence accept illusion as knowledge.
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I appreciate your interest to study the Vedic literature which never goes in vain. Shastras state – Swadhyaye tapaha, Shrutam Tapaha i.e., to study and listen the Vedas’ culture is itself a Tapasya (austerity).

As regards tantrics, several frauds are being revealed in TV channels also. So, people must be alert from there false preachers. The fundamental laws of nature/Almighty God is always unchangeable. So, it is eternal truth that no other soul can enter into the body. In this connection, I paste my article-

Soul is alive. Soul has to face the result of his deeds. Soul takes body of human beings, animals, birds, trees etc., according to deeds of past lives. Soul feels sorrow, happiness etc., through body. When soul leaves body, it feels nothing but carries all karma to be faced in next birth through his chitta’s (chitta) vritti (vritti).

Souls are innumerable but are constant in number having similar qualities like being pure, immortal, alive etc. Soul is infinitesimally small, is invisible. The bodies of all living beings
contain souls.

Not God but soul has desire, hatred/malice, merriment, sufferings, attachment etc. While attracting itself towards materialistic articles made of prakriti soul forgets his original form. As a result, soul
recognizes himself as body. This is the stage of soul being unwise.


(TAM) that God (NA) not ( VIDATH) known (YAH) who (EMA) all worlds (JAJANN) creates and (YAT) from you (ANYAT) separate from other souls(YUSHMAKAM) from you (ANTARAM) with in all (BABHOOVA) is (NIHAREINN) fog like smoke (YAT) that God (PRAVARITAHA) covered (JALAPYAHA) baseless discussion (ASUTRIPAHA) satisfied only in Prann [breathing system] (UKTHASHASAHA) only paying lip service (CHARANTI) deals or behaves.

Meaning: Like an invisible matter which is covered with fog similarly dealing in only lip service and indulging in baseless discussion and are satisfied in their breathing system, Oh! Man-woman, you do not know the God who creates the five matters/universe and the God who is separate from other souls and who is within all.

Atma means jeevatma i.e., soul. Autobiography of soul is not written, please. Yog shastra sutra 1/2 states- “Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodhaha” i.e., when an aspirant does hard practice of ashtang yoga philosophy mentioned in vedas under the guidance of learned acharya of ashtang yoga and vedas philosophy then one day he becomes capable of destroying his previous as well as present life’s deeds. Then Yog shastra sutra 1/3 states “Tada Drashtu Swarupevasthanum” i.e., then soul gets situated in his form i.e., soul knows himself. In the absence of the said worship, soul does not recognize himself. Soul being indulged in illusion, forgets his form. His form is that soul is pure i.e., never indulges in illusion. Actually, through five senses, mind and intellect, soul is attracted towards materialistic articles of world and hence, illusion effects him. So, soul is originally pure, immortal, alive, learned, eternal matter who neither takes birth nor meets with death. So, the said qualities can be stated as biography of soul. So, soul cannot be hurt or killed. Therefore, the question of self-defense does not arise. Defense is needed for human-body only wherein soul resides. Soul is pure (shudh) in his original form and can never be made or purified so its shuddhi is not required.

Atm- sakshi means self-realization. Soul has eternal, original, divine qualities amongst which some have been described above. So, sanskar of soul is not required. Sanskars get imprinted on chitta only.

Anonymous: Pujya guruji maharaaj pranaam and charan sparsh. Both of us have visited our respective houses. My sister is blessed with a son, who is premature, 7 months and 13 days. He is constantly having lot of medical problems, while doing havan I put ahutis for him also. With your blessings every thing has gone well. I seek your guidance for God filled harmonious life. with charan sparsh.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my daughter. Please convey my blessings to your sister and her newly born baby. My blessings are always with you and your family for a long, happy life.

K G: Aap ke paavan charnon mein pranaam guruji aur nav varsh ki hardik bdhaai.. Mai aap ke dikhaaye hue raaste pe chal pda hun. Aur bane rehne ke liye aap ka aashirwaad chahta hun.
Swami Ram Swarup: Nav varsh ki shubh kamnaon sahit aapko mera hardik ashirwad. Yeh aapka saubhagya hai aur sadaa sukhi rahogey ki aap sabhi rishi muni ki tarah Vedon ke raaste par chal paday ho. Mera aapko dobaara ashirwad hai ki aap sadaa sukhi rahein.