Pawan: Meri prathana God tak pahucha den.
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedic niyam ke anusaar Ishwar sabkee prarthna Vedic Yajyen mein sunte hain. Isliye aap nikat ke arya samaj mein jaakar ved vidya ko grahan karna shuru karo. Mera tumhein ashirwad.

Dwivendra: Namaste Maharaj ji, my questions is:
1) who were Christians before Jesus Christ?
2) who were Muslims before Muhammad?
3) who were Buddhist before Gautama Buddha?
4) what you think for Islamic terrorism? Like Iran, Iraq, Mesopotamia & Babylon

5) babaji don’t u think that it is very dangerous for conversion of hindus by Christian missionaries.
6) whole North East become Christian.
7) Kerala Bengal up is going to be next Islamic terrorism hub. Sir pls tell the remedy.
Swami Ram Swarup: 1.) Namasteji. Christanity religion came into existence with Jesus, please.

2.) Muslim religion came into existence with Hazrat Mohammad Sahib.

3.) Buddhism religion came into existence with Gautam Buddha.

4.) Whose sect is mainly based on humanity and non-violence, they including myself condemn violence.

5.) Yes, forcible conversion is always condemned. Even, every Hindu must be so well protected and provided with all the basic requirements i.e., food, shelter, clothing and education that they are not forced to turn into other religion.

6.) It is sad that due to ignoring the poor hindu people for providing them with above quoted facilities, the north-east area, has been converted into other religions.

7.) Actually, for the last seventy years, our Government could not give its attention towards spiritualism. As a result, that conversion has taken place. So, it is the duty of our government that every sect is respected but conversion should not take place. This is only the remedy that government pays her attention towards conversion.