Jigashu: Namaste Guruji, Why in Veda same mantra is repeated like this. & Please explain the meaning also. When I check the mantra meaning in Atharvaveda & Rigveda in both have different meaning for the same mantra.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Main subject of the Vedas is Gyan Kand i.e., knowledge of all the worldly matters like sun, moon, air, water, earth, food etc., etc. So, the mantra mentioned in Rigveda will produce the knowledge of the respective matters. The main subject of Yajurveda is Karma Kand i.e., Yajurveda gives knowledge about pious deeds etc. So, the same mantra mentioned in Yajurveda will say about Karam (deeds). The main subject of Samveda is Upasana kand i.e., the worship of God. So, the same mantra quoted in Samveda will produce the meaning of worship. Similarly, Atharvaveda says mostly about the medicine and Brahma. So, the Atharvaveda will produce the meaning of the same mantra based on medical science and Brahma. So, Rigveda mantra 1/164/38 explaining about the matter i.e., non-alive matters i.e., all worldly matters and alive matters i.e., God and souls. Similarly, Atharvaveda states about spiritualism i.e., the souls based on his pious deeds and sins get the best birth of human body or the birth of animal, birds etc., respectively. Yet, you want the full meaning of mantra, you may write again, please.

R: Pujya Guru Ji, Pranaam and charan sparsh, On the b’day of my son we seek your blessings and aashirwaad. The occasion was celebrated by special havan with vedmantras for b’day both times. Guru Ji, maharaaj I ‘ve been advised bed rest. So since then I’ve stopped practice of little yoga abhayas which I was continuing till now. However by your and God’s blessing I am doing havan in the morning. Now I’ve started in the evening again sitting on chair. Please do suggest us a name from vedas too. I pray to God that the new born should follow eternal traditions like our ancestors, Rishis and Your holy self. With pranaam and charan sparsh.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you all, my daughter. Please, shower my heartiest blessings to your loving son for his long, happy life.

I am sorry, I could not reply you early being busy in other spiritual task. I appreciate you that you performed a special havan from ved mantras.You are doing all well. Today is 11th January, 2012. I am not aware of your present situation. However, my divine blessings are always with you and I hope for the best. Again, my blessings to you all.