S A: Swamiji pranam! Its been a long time now I haven’t been in touch with you. Swamiji its been given to understand that in this modern times even vegetarian foods like tomatoes are genetically modified by injecting fish and pig pigments and other things. Similarly other
vegetarian foods are engineered. If someone eats this engineered food accidentally then what happnes? If this is the case how does one maintain and know that he is vegetarian? Please Swamiji clear my doubt.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Really, it is a sad happening and curse to
human-beings that present science in some cases has become so dangerous that it does not hesitate to destroy religion of the human-beings. So, the religious minded public should be alert and should not take such genetically engineered food. We will have to save ourselves otherwise no else will help us. What more can a broken heart say in this matter. However, in USA, I have seen two types of vegetables- one grown from original manure and grown from Urea etc. So, the vegetarian people should only purchase the naturally grown vegetables.

D: Swamiji charan sparsh. I want to ask that my eye sight are getting little weak, what should I do for that? I mean should I take any ayurvedic medicine? Thanks Swamiji.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. First of all, you should take medical advice
and get your eye-sight checked from experienced eye-specialist. Then, you should follow his advice. You may also discuss about ayurvedic medicine from him. Please, take care of your eyes.

Vinay Arya: Namaste Guruji! Was Hanuman a monkey? Did Ram fight with the help of
monkeys? How did Ram talked with monkeys? Is it possible to tell monkeys how to speak?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Hanumanji was a warrior, brahmachari and learned of
Vedas. Then how can he be a monkey? Whether a monkey can learn four Vedas? Certainly not. In this connection, I also paste my article as under-


Logically, scientifically and even based on the unchangeable laws of the nature, a vanar cannot be human-being and human-being cannot be a vanar. Secondly, Valmiki Ramayan is authentic holy book written by Rishi Valmikiji. Valmikiji and Sri Ram were contemporary to each other. Valmikiji has nowhere mentioned in his book that Hanumanji was a vanar (monkey). In Valmiki Ramayan it is mentioned that when Sri Ram and Laxman were searching Sitaji in the jungle they met with Hanumanji for the first time. After having discussion with Hanumaji, Sri Ram told to Laxman that Oh! Laxman, see Hanumanji, he is a learned of four Vedas and Sanskrit grammer. I mean to say that vanar cannot be a learned of four Vedas, Sanskrit grammer, he can’t have talk with Sri Ram, Laxman and can never go to Lanka to search Mata Sita. You see, Sugreev, Bali, Hanumanji, Angad etc., are being called vanars (monkeys) but their wives have never been called “she-monkeys” nor their faces have been projected to be like monkeys/she-monkeys. So, there was a tribe called vanar but in the said tribe, men-women were there and not monkeys. Monkeys or parrots etc., when will be taught then they may act accordingly but they cannot act as intelligently as man. Secondly, God has stated that He (God) first gives the knowledge of the four Vedas to four Rishis, who are men. Then the rishis give to the other human-beings. Secondly, God states in the Vedas that worship/study of Vedas etc., are the deeds entrusted to human-beings only and not to others. So, the fundamental law of Almighty God cannot be challenged.

The proof of word “vanar” that it relates to the human-beings is stated above by the discussion between Hanumanji and Sri Ramji where Sri Ram addresses Hanumanji as vanar and side by side immediately states that vanar is learned of four Vedas. There are several other statements in Valmiki Ramayan which prove the fact that Hanumanji was not monkey but he belonged to vanar tribe.
For example- When Hanumanji met Sri Ram, then he gave his full introduction that he is the special warrior of king Sugreev. Sri Ram told Laxmanji that Hanumanji is sweet spoken, neither his sound pitch is high nor low. When a monkey meets a man, he cannot be sweet spoken or speak slowly. Instead, the monkey will start screeching. You see, Valmikiji was a great philosopher of Vedas and yoga at that time. He was Rishi-Muni. Rishi-Muni can never tell lies. Secondly, Rishi- Munis
cannot tell or write in such a manner which may become difficult to understand. Whatever, they see or experience, they write exactly the same. Then how Valmikiji could write Hanumanji as monkey?

It is not a matter of Sanskrit word “Vanar” alone but it is a matter of creation which is created by Almighty God. When we study the matter of creation in the Vedas, we find that human beings are meant to worship and not the other living beings. So, Hanumanji, studied Vedas being a human-being and not monkey. You see, if nowadays also, we try to give the knowledge of the Vedas to some man or woman, it will be found that hardly a right person will be able to gain its knowledge, then what to talk about an animal which is not earmarked by Almighty God even to listen the Vedas. Can any animal or monkey define the meaning of formless God who is omnipresent and can
the monkey meditate and realise God?

I mean to say, it is quite impossible for a monkey to follow the said path under the rules and regulations of even Almighty God. Suppose, there is an electric switch, you train a boy of 6-8 years of age to switch it on. Simultaneously, a baby of monkey is also trained to do so. No doubt, both will switch it on. Now, you educate giving several examples to both about electric current in the wire that if anyone will touch the naked electric wire, then a person shall die. If the switch is now broken and the naked wire in which electric current is flowing is seen there, now if you order both of them to switch it on, you will observe that boy shall not touch the switch considering how fatal the naked wire is but the monkey will immediately obey and touch the switch. Naturally,
the monkey will also touch the naked wire and die because the monkey was also trained to tell that the current is flowing in the naked wire but mere training by words, monkey could not be made to understand. Monkey can never understand that there exists electric current since he is animal who cannot be as intelligent as man. Can a monkey who is trained in some activities open an institute to
train the other monkeys like a man? Certainly not.

So, Sri Ram fought with Ravana with the help of Vanar sena and not monkeys. Vanar was a caste of human-beings. The said fact has been stated by Valmiki Rishi ji in his Valmiki Ramayan which is an
authentic holy granth.

Deepak: Pranam Swamyji, Many Thanks for replying to my questions. Can you also please explain, while performing the action how does one know if their action is Sinful or Pious. In another words, How do Vedas define Paap and Punya. Many Thanks in advance, Warm Regards, Deepak
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. You are welcome, please. According to Vedas, the deeds done based on Vedas are pious deeds and those which are done against Vedas are sins. So, it is clear, that to do pious deeds, we will have to listen/learn Vedas. If it suits you, I would advise you to read some of my Vedic books which will give you immense knowledge about deeds etc. the name of books is as under-
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