Lalit: Let the king never violate this law that carriages, horses, elephants, tents, umbrellas, grain, silver and gold, cattle such as cows, women, cases of oil and butter, and various other articles are lawful. Prize of the soldier or of the officer who takes them in war. The captors should give the sixteenth part of their loot to the king, and so should the latter distribute among the whole army the sixteenth part of what was taken by them collectively.” MANU 7: 80-82, 87, 89, 91-99. Swamiji Swami Dayanand Saraswati has quoted Manu in his chapter on government. Please explain is it as per the vedas to keep the women who are captured in war by a soldier or officer. Also obvious meaning would be to keep the women for sexual gratification .
Swami Ram Swarup: Several shlokas of Manusmriti are “prakshipt” i.e., have been added by arrogant and are unauthentic. Vedas never tell even to arrest any woman or to attack woman in war or anywhere else. Then how Manu Bhagwan, who was Philosopher of vedas, can say so. Real meaning of shloka of Manusmriti are as follows:-
Shloka 7/80:- it is regarding tax to be paid.
Shloka 7/81:- it is regarding appointment of learned administrator by King.
Shloka 7/82:- it is regarding paying regard to the learned of Vedas by king and his ministers.
Shloka 7/87 :- it is regarding participation of King in war.
Shloka 7/89:- king should take part in the war as brave warrior.
Shloka 7/91 to 99:- are not regarding the arrest of women.

Bipin Badheka: Pranam, Guruji. Charan Sparsh. This is further to your reply to one of my questions. But hereby I sought your guidance based on Vedas for below questions which come to my mind. Kindly request you to please guide.
1. In one of your answer you have stated that life exists on all planets. So whether life exists on Mars or Saturn etc. also?
2. It is also stated that there are many sun/moon in universe other than ours. So whether as per Vedas existence of human being is only on our earth or there can be other planets in universe like our earth where human being resides?
3. Today we hear much about aliens so whether it is possible that on any other planet aliens with more brain/intellect than our human being but with some different type of body structure can exist?
4. Now if we say life exists on different planets then whether after death on our earth if someone has to take rebirth in the form of insect etc. as per karma theory of God then whether that soul can be given rebirth on moon/other planet? Does it mean re-birth of us can be on any other planet if it is not in the form of human being?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
(1) No doubt, that Mars and Saturn planets are also useful for the earth. The planets are even beneficial for maintaining the stability of the universe. Every planet is exercising force of attraction on other planets and hence the stability is maintained. Vedas clearly state that life exists on every planet.
(2) Life exists on every planet, please.
(3) Yes, the body structures of living-being on each planet differs but they or we never think to harm any life.
(4) Under the law of Almighty God, a soul may take birth anywhere based on his karmas (deeds).

Anonymous: uske ghar walo ne uski shaadi kahi aur fix kar di hain, aur unke force ke aage usne bhi us shaadi ke liye haa kar di hain. aur ab who muzse milana nahi chaahati aur baat bhi nahi kari. to kya hum dono ka problem solv ho kar hum dono ki shaadi ho sakti hain?
Swami Ram Swarup: Jab us ladki nein apne maa-baap ke force mein kahin aur shadi ke liye han kar di hai tab to matter khatam ho jaata hai kyunki bina ladki ki razamandi ke koi kuchch nahin kar sakta. Isliye aap apna dhyan waha se hata dein. Yehi aap dono ke hit mein hoga. Doosra, yahan yeh samajh leina chahiye ki aisey shadi se pehle jo love hota hain, male aur female, donon ke liye pareshani aur zyadatar barbadi ka karann bante hain. Isliye in baation mein nahin phasna chahiye.