Madhukar: Dear Swami ji: Has Prarasuram cursed Keralites. Please let us know.
Swami Ram Swarup: No, please. Parsuram did not curse keralities because such statement does not exist in true holy books like Valmiki Ramayan and Mahabharat.

Kiran: Namaste yoga acharya charna sparsh. In Valamiki Ramayana epic, Astanga yogi Hanumanji had studied Veda and did samadhi. Had he worshiped Rama (noun) who was king of Ayodhya or Mool Ram (formless God described in Veda)?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Hanumanji was Brahmachari, a warrior,
learned of Vedas and ashtang yoga. Since, Hanumanji studied Vedas. Naturally, he worshipped formless, Almighty, omnipresent God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe. Thereafter, he served Sri Ram a lot and loved him very much.

Anonymous: Charan sparsh, In reference to my previous question you have advised me to take advice of other gynaecologist, last week ultra-sound and some tests are done by Dr and she said everything is normal,heartbeat of embryo is also ok. so with your blessings we have decided to give birth to this young one. Kindly bless my baby for good health.
Swami Ram Swarup: Really, I bless heartily to your baby, my daughter. Please take
care of your health. I also paste my article in this regard-

Tips for Pregnancy

It is said in four Vedas that “Mother is the creator of child’s future.” It is in her hands that how she builds her child’s future by adopting good spiritual preaches, which are all mentioned in four
Vedas. Some of the aforesaid preach are written here.

Always be cheerful, wear pious ornaments, wear quite light coloured clothes and not dark, should keep peace in her mind, think welfare of others, should serve her Acharya/Guru (who knows Vedas), avoid such things which can cause anxiety to her.

She should not take stale food, dry food like fried vegetables etc. She should not go in haunted house, cremation ground, shouldn’t stand under the tree at night, shouldn’t get annoyed, or shout. Try to be in happy-pleasant mood all times because this all affects the baby.

When a baby is in womb then mother’s every action plays important role in building child’s physique. For child’s physical and mental growth, a mother should be careful about her eating habits and way of living so that it should not affect the child in anyway.

At this stage, simple living and high thinking counts. At this stage mother should recite Gayatri mantra and repeat the name of God both times and read spiritual books because it makes the future of baby bright. Good sceneries and spiritual photos must be seen and baseless photos, baseless talk must be avoided.


Don’t sit on heels. Do not go up and down. Asan on which you sit should be soft. Don’t try to restrain the flow of bathroom, toilet, gas, etc. Do not work hard. Do not take hot and heavy eatables, also do not starve yourself. Don’t see the shallow regions like trenches, gorges, pits anything which is deep like well. etc.

Pregnant lady should not put her body to motion frequently. Her body should be kept at rest position as far as possible. Always look at good things and not ugly sights, listen to good preach, etc. Do not lie on back, lie on body side.

Do not take non-vegetarian food. Food having addiction should be avoided. Such deeds which our perceptions and organs restrain to do, immediately leave that deed in all respect. Food should be simple, juicy and tasty.

When mother enters in 5th month the mind of child is more active, in 6th month intellect, in 7th organs are developed. So a mother should do pious deeds because every action of mother affects the unborn baby unknowingly.

In 8th month, a pregnant lady has two hearts. One heart is her own and the other is of the baby. In this month special attention is to be given so a mother should be very much careful about it.

For good growth of child and a mother following things can be adopted:
1. In 1st month plain, cold milk should be taken. Take beneficial and nutritive food.
2. In second month lady should take milk having medicinal qualities (in which you can put elayachi, chhuara etc.) after sieving you can have it.

3. In 3rd month take 2 small tablespoon of honey and 1 small tablespoon of ghee in milk. NOTE —-NEVER TAKE IN EQUAL PROPORTION BECAUSE IT IS FATAL.

4. In 4th month mix one tola (app. 10gms) of fresh butter in milk.

5. In 5th have milk with ghee in it.

6. In 6th and 7th month have milk with kishmish, elayachi, chhuara, etc. (these all are applicable if digested, otherwise take advice from physician to take better food.)

7. In 7th month, the pregnant lady experiences itching in her skin specially on her womb’s skin. As far as possible she should tolerate it and should restrain from using her nails over the effected area.
She should apply the extract of sandal wood and lotus over her breast and stomach. Other option is that she may apply the mustard oil prepared by boiling sirs’s peel, flower of guava, mustard seeds,
mulathi, (these are all medicinal herbs mentioned in Atharvaveda.)

In case itching is not tolerated then she may casually apply her hand over the effected area. Restrain eating sour, bitter, fried food, use less of salt, have sweet food and lot of water (at least more than 15 glasses a day). Do not let yourself be suffered from constipation. So to avoid constipation have milk with Gulkand.

Please pay attention to these advices because these lead to formation of sanskars on the child, which have a great importance to make child’s future. There are 16 sanskars in human life which are
mentioned in our eternal four Vedas.

Human body is blessed by God to attain the salvation during family life and while discharging all duties of family. We should do pious deeds such as Yajyen, yoga practice. In the past three yugas
dignitaries like Vyas Muni, Shri Ram, Mata Sita, Shri Krishna, all did yajyen, yoga practice while living in their family life and doing their respective duties towards Acharya, family, nation etc., and at last they achieved their goal of salvation. So we too should adopt this eternal, Vedic and pious path to achieve the same. Again it is in the hands of a mother to build a good and shining future for her child.

Anonymous: I do yoga and meditation learnt by you briefly. I want to progress in spiritualism. I and my wife are looking for jobs. There are some financial constraints as we have recently moved to a new city.
Swami Ram Swarup: My son, I bless you for a long, happy life. Please also convey my blessings to your wife. She should try to seek a job and she will get it for sure. In the Vedic culture, only husband has the responsibility to earn and feed the family. The duty of the household lady is/was to take care of her husband and look after the house properly in all respects. However, now due to change of the Vedic culture, husband and wife both are interested to do job which nowadays, is not bad. Every situation is faced courageously, happily and with full devotion. So, there should be no scope of facing tensions etc. So, tell your wife that everything will be O.K. But leave immediately the said worries. God will help both of you. So, I admire both of you to maintain your love and hope it will remain always. At present, your yoga practice/meditation is enough, please. Because, first of all, earning is necessary. Please, pay your attention towards your home and also spare the time for meditation as you are doing now. So, please carry on and everything will be O.K. In the near future. Nothing to worry. Again, my blessings to you both for a long, happy life.

Anonymous: I am from USA. Please send me all books.
Swami Ram Swarup: The details have since been sent to you, please. I really appreciate your pious desire to study eternal Vedic culture. I think you know Hindi language, so, would advise you to listen to some of my spiritual songs along with preach which everybody says, is also a storehouse of Vedic knowledge, to make the future bright.

H: I am a software engineer. I am eager to learn about vedant. I am eager to meet you once. I have few questions. I started reading vivekchudamni.I also read some books from swami vivekananda. I know until i will not implement i would not be able to discover real truth. Just seeking some sites i discovered this site. I just want to start spiritual journey in proper manner. Can you please guide me?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. You are always welcome here, please. However, present Vedanta does not tally with eternal knowledge of Vedas. In this connection, I would advise you to study my book Vedanta and eternal knowledge of Vedas Part I and II which shall give you immense knowledge about present Vedanta and Vedic philosophy which are totally separate from each other.

You see, in Vivek chudamani , it is written that for sometime the Maya (illusion- Rajo, Tamo, satogunn of Prakriti) empowers Almighty God and as a result, for sometime Almighty God forgets His original form. Now, a learned person would never accept it. As stated in Rigveda mantra 10/129/7, the God is Lord of Prakriti and souls. Then, how the prakriti can overpower the Almighty God? You see, Swami Vivekanandji, had also accepted present Vedanta. I’ve regards for him but when the question of eternal philosophy of Vedas arises then the learned person will have to say
that the fundamental principal of the present Vedanta saying- that soul is himself God but has forgotten his original from, is against the Vedas. Because, Vedas tell about three eternal matters, for which my article is pasted below and I again would advise you to read my above quoted book and listen to Cds containing spiritual bhajans along with preach. There are three matters in the Vedas which is called “Traitwad” first Almighty God , second – souls , third – Prakriti. Almighty God and souls are alive whereas Prakriti is non-alive from which God creates universe. So, there is not only atma (souls) but Almighty God and Prakriti are also there. Souls (Atma) are several but God is one. Soul takes living being’s body based on his previous lives’ Karmas – good or bad so human
being’s bodies , animals and birds’ body etc., are taken by souls. So, God states in Vedas that services to mother, father , learned atithi, learned acharya of Vedas and Yoga philosophy are required to be rendered when they are alive only and not after death.

So, if you want to come here, you are always welcome.