GK: Respected Guruji, It is just a question about the life of criminals (out of curiosity) to know the true answer as per Vedas. What should a criminal do if he somehow got rid of punishment by corrupted means but later realized his mistake and repented. Should the person be honest and surrender himself to bear the punishment of jail or go ahead with however he is. The person has a family responsibility which may become at stake after he surrenders.
2. How should be the life of criminal after bearing the punishment of jail and released after years? The person feels guilty and repentful and transformed.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

1). When a criminal has realized his sin and if he wants to get rid of its effect then he must surrender himself before a court of law. Repentance means that the criminal will never do any kind of sin in future so he must also take firm decision for the same. Yes, surrender involves the family also but justice never thinks about the family. Why? Because every human-being has taken birth here to face his own previous lives’ deeds independently. Vedas tell that God never excuses. He punishes the defaulters. So, if a defaulter has saved himself here, he will have to face the result of his sin in future lives’ and in some cases in present life also. So, either a criminal should surrender before court of law or at a proper time God will surely punish him. Now, it is upto criminal to decide.

2 ). The person may feel guilty, repentance and transformed after facing the punishment but only those criminals would face the same who lack the spiritual knowledge especially of Vedas. I mean to say, if criminal makes contact with a learned acharya of Vedas he will get spiritual knowledge which will give him a new pious life, forgetting the past i.e. forgetting about being guilty etc., because after facing the punishment, the sin gets over. That is why, learned state-
Pichhey ka zikar na karo,
Future kee phikra na karo,
Present ka phakar karo.
(i.e. don’t discuss the past, do not worry about future but have pride on present).
I mean to say, there are three types of deeds, say Vedas-

Three types of Deeds

There are three types of deeds (karmas) – sanchit, prarabhadh and kriyamann. Suppose one soul has to take birth (body). It means he has to face total number of deeds of his all previous lives and these deeds are called sanchit karmas but sanchit deeds are huge/unlimited and cannot be faced in one life. So the karmas which can be faced in one life are called prarabhadh (luck-destiny). So God has not made our luck at His own but Almighty God has considered the deeds which we have already done.

Yajurveda mantra 7/48 clarifies that human being is free to do any deed good or bad but God only awards the result. Now the balance deeds from sanchit deeds will be counted in the next life. Now the deeds which we do in our day today present life are called kriyamann.

If we do pious deeds according to Vedas, shastras and holy books and based on pious preaches of Rishi, Muni/learned saints then our all sanchit deeds are burnt and we can get salvation. Human beings are free in the matter of doing deeds good or bad. But result will be awarded by God. So we must worship and do pious deeds under guidance of a learned Guru. One should go always ahead for hard working, pious deeds, worship to make future bright himself. One should always work hard towards a right path.

Worship does not mean that we are free to discharge only our family duties, education, etc., but rather it is a sin. We have to get progress in both waysimultaneously i.e., spiritualism and worldly progress i.e., science, education, duties towards family etc. God creates the universe according to His eternal law framed in Vedas which are always unchangeable and unchallengeable. So we have to follow the law of God always to get long happy life.

When a person gets knowledge then he tries to always do pious deeds in present life. Vedas tell that his pious deeds destroy all previous and present lives’ sins and he gets long, happy life with satisfaction.

Ritesh: Swamiji, please send me book Brihmcharya ek dookhnivarak nidhi or better would be if one can scan Page # 81 to 85 and e-mail me. As you advise me earlier to read these pages in response to my question. Thanks.
Swami Ram Swarup: Scanning will not give you immense knowledge, so you may please ask for book. Please intimate your decision.