Ritesh: Swamiji Pranaam.While I am still waiting for your answers of my earlier questions, more things are coming in my mind, and for few things I am being impatient so asking you again.

1. What is the procedure one should follow for evening yajyen, if one wants to perform it without bath.
2. Yajyen which your described with Gaytri mantra is that for Material success or spiritual success?
3. What does Brahamcharya means for married house holder?
4. I live outside India, and searched little bit to find local Aachaya who can teach Ashtaag Yog but did not find anyone around who is learned of veds? What could I do, can I learn it from you with distance via phone call or video conference?
5. Would you please advice in which order I should read what book, which helps me to live lifer per ved (dharm), achieve Arth and lead me through kaam to moksha.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
I think, I’ve already replied to you.
If not, please send your question again.
(1) Already replied.
(2) Daily Yajyen-hawan, is meant for both successes.
(3) For maintaining Brahamcharya, in family life, you are advised to read my book “Brahamcharya Dukh nivarak divya manni”
Because answer of this question is lengthy and cannot be briefed here.
(4) Video conference and phone call is not possible for me being extremely busy in daily spiritual events. However, video CD can be prepared here in parts, explaining the Ashtang Yog and preach as to how to do it.
(5) If you’ve got my books then you can read any book first and thereon. You are free to ask any query any time.
After studying the books, explanation of selected ved mantras, to know Vedic knowledge and to do worship can be prepared and sent to you.

Vishal:<.b> Scientifically, yeh prove ho chuka hai ki guy ka duud non-veg hai kyunki yeh animals ka part hai. Aapka iss baare main kya kehna hai.
Swami Ram Swarup: Scientifically cow milk jo non-vegetarian prove karta hai, weh ved ke khilaf hai kyunki ved kisi bhi doodh (milk) ko non-vegetarian nahin kehta. Balki ved cow ko vishwa kee mata kehta hai aur mata apne bachchon ko doodh deitee hai. Manushya ka bachcha jab janam leita hai, tab weh bhi to apnee mata ka milk leita hai. To kya weh non-vegetarian doodh pee raha hai? Nahin aisa nahin hai.

Tejpal: Meri shadi kab tak hoge?
Swami Ram Swarup: Shadi ke liye bhi aap aur apke parents koshish karein.