Vinay Arya: Namaste Guruji. Some serious questions
There is an organisation claiming that
(1)there is no need to study Vedas to achieve salvation
(2)There cannot be any absolute theist.
(3)One can never be free of sins absolutely. He may be doing one or two sins.
(4)Atheists are also good.
(5)There have been great persons in the world which did not study Vedas
Here are my questions
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji.
1.) Vedas is an eternal knowledge which emanates directly from Almighty God, in the beginning of every creation.

You see, it is a fundamental law that knowledge is attained when it is given by someone. After final destruction of universe, when new creation starts, God creates non-sexual creation. In the said creation, no Guru, acharya, spiritual master etc., exists. Because, the gurus etc., of previous universe had left the body. Now, the problem becomes that who will give the knowledge to non-sexual creation. In this matter, Rigveda mantra 10/181/1,2 state that Vedas’ knowledge emanates directly from God and is originated in the heart of four Rishis. Four Rishis further give it to Brahma and traditionally this knowledge is being received by disciple from acharya, till now. Vedic knowledge is ever unchangeable. In this connection, Rigveda mantra 3/56/1 refers.

So, when Vedas state that to attain salvation, Vedas’ knowledge is required and we see the ancient culture where ancient Rishi-Munis, Yogi attained the salvation through Vedas knowledge then no scope remains to ignore Vedas, Vedas being self-proof.

2.) Our ancient as well as present Rishi-Munis are hundred percent theists. In this connection, Patanjal Rishi in his Yog shastra sutra 1/23 states his experience that


i.e., He had full faith in God and accordingly worshipped and realized God . That is why, he further preached the others to have full faith in God. In this connection, his Yog Shastra sutra 2/1 also refers.

3.) There is a Vedic law that until sins or pious deeds of previous lives as well as those of present life are totally destroyed, nobody can realise God and attain salvation.

4.) Atheists are human-beings and learned never hate them. In fact, they even shower their blessings on every human-being because in Vedic law, hate is not permitted. You see, theist and atheist, both live on the earth of Almighty God and take food etc., given by God. Both experience the result of their own deeds of previous and present life.

5.) No doubt, several great persons have been in world and may also be there in present times but as per vedic philosophy, they got progress in materialistic (worldly life) only. As per vedic rule, we the human-beings must get progress in both sides i.e., worldly pious deeds and spiritualism. Vedas tell that without vedic worship of formless, Almighty God, nobody can get pleasure and peace.

Rama: Pranam swami ji what is the meaning of mantra”om gang raang ring hang shang shivay namh”
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Whatever, you have quoted is a shloka and not ved mantra, please.

Jigyasu: Namaste, Mujhe ek shanka hai. Bahut Bhog karne se dukh hota hai. Dukh ko hi vairagya kahte hain. Us dukh ko aur adhik badhaya jaye aur aisi avastha prapt ki jaye jahan dukh hi dukh ho to vah samadhi hai. Am i right ?
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Sansar ke kisi padarth ka bahut bhog karna dukh, beemari aur maut ko invite karna hai. Atah, yeh vairagya nahin hai. Yajurveda mantra 40/1 ke anusar to acharya se gyan leikar in padarthon ka tyagpoorvak bhog karna hee dharma hai kyunki yeh bhog padarth aaj tak kisi ke nahin hue.