Harshad: Pranam Guruji: My question is on donation of organs of our body. As per the natural law of creation of life, our body gets its form from 5 eternal fundamental elements (Space, Air, Water, Fire, and Land). Thus, the dead body should get into these five elements when it dies. Que-1 :So, do we, human being, have any right to donate any of our organs as per the law of the nature and creation. Que-2:If I donated my eyes in the current incarnation, how would it affect to my second incarnation? Will I get eyes with full sight in my second incarnation? Provide me guidance in this matter.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.
(1) Yes, please the donation will be a pious deed.
(2) If person does not donate the eye and dies then too his whole body will be placed on pyre and straight way it will be burnt /destroyed. But the soul who left the body will get all organs in next birth. So is the case of donation of eyes etc.

Nimmy: What is 16 kala? Please explain each of the 16 kala.
Swami Ram Swarup: Followings are the 16 kalas.
(1) Ikshann= thought (vichar)
(2) Prann= respiratory system
(3) Shraddha= faith
(4) Akash= space
(5) Vayu= air
(6) Agni= fire
(7) Jal= water
(8) Prithivi=earth
(9) Indriyan=organs
(10) Man=mind
(11) Ann= food
(12) Veerya=power
(13) Tap= austerity/righteousness
(14) Mantra=ved vidya
(15) Karam lok= the place to do deeds(to discharge duties)
(16) Name of lokas i.e., knowledge of seen or unseen universal matters.

Manish: Namaste Swami Ji, Rig veda 3/33/5 is mantra ka word by word translation kya hai. Is mantra ke bare me aap ki sahita chahiye Dhanyawad
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Hamein vedon ka gyan hona avashyak hai, tabhi hamara jeevan safal hoga. Ved Ishwariya vanni hai arthat charon vedon ke mantra Ishwar se utpann hote hain. Yeh kisi admi athwa kisi Rishi-muni , nar-nari kisi ne bhee nahi likhein hain. Isliye vedon mein proper noun arthat kisi bhee nar-nari aadi ka naam nahi likha hai. Isliye Vishwamitra Rishi bhee naam nahi likha hai.jahan kahin mantra ke upar kisi rishi ka naam diya gaya hai uska arth hai ki weh ved ka mantra us rishi ne adhyan kiya hua hai aur us ved ke mantra ka arth yog sadhna dwara us rishi ke andar prakat hua hai. Rigveda mantra 3/33/5 ka arth yeh hai- Oh Men! as you (ritawarihi) river full of water (sindhum) ocean (up prapt) get and exist i.e., as the river goes and get the ocean and exist therein similarly (aivahi) attainable qualities (muhurtam) time (me) mine (Somyaya) peaceful qualities like moon (vachse) for peace (ramdhvam) play/entangle/devote time i.e., in a peaceful manner devote the time to listen my preach i.e., Vedas. Similarly, (Kushikasya) the learned who has got the extract of Vedas (sunuhu) like the present son i.e., like the son of a learned of Vedas (Avasyuhu) I who is desirous of protection (brihati) great (manishaha) intellect (achchh) with the best manner (pra ahve)praise . Similarly, like the son of a learned who has got the extract of Vedas I who desire my protection, praise the great intellect with the best manner.
Idea of the mantra is = as the rivers go to ocean continuously without any rest, similarly the human beings should get the vaidic knowledge and the good behave connected with the moral duties based on the Vedas.