Ved Prakash: Eshavar ka nivash sthan kaha hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: The nature of God being omnipresent, He therefore resides everywhere i.e., in every matter of the universe. But when the question of realizing comes then one have to follow Vedic path and by doing hard tapasya of ashtang yog philosophy, God originates within him not outside.

V N: Dear guruji, my pranams. I am writing this mail to ask you few things about our son who is in class 7. He is a very good boy but very lazy and casual in attitude. He does not like to study and and is more interested in watching TV and playing most of the time. He is very fond of cricket and so we put him for cricket coaching. If given a choice I think he would like to leave it because he does not like to work hard. He wants recognition, prizes but not ready to work. He does not take the book unless told so. His marks were coming down when together we pulled up our socks and made him prepare and write the entrance of a boarding school. He cleared the entrance and interview. It’s a rich man’s school and we wanted him to learn to live simple. The atmosphere here is very western oriented and we have tried our level best to keep that exposure less. He does not keep his things properly, throws books and other things here and there and is not bothered about the value of things. My husband keeps scolding me saying that my overindulgence is spoiling him. Frankly I am getting irritated with him now because I have to tell him literally every day to keep the tiffin for wash, water bottle for wash, uniform for wash, books in the cupboard and so. His table is a big mess. Seeing thisour younger one has also started doing this, but he is much more responsible and listens to us. We have come to know about a school which is a strict husband feels that he should be in a strict school. He plays the veena well, sings carnatic songs well but just not ready to practice and he makes faces a lot. Kindly advise swamiji.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter. To be lazy is a serious matter and it has already been stated in all four Vedas. Rigved also states that as a hard worker, person achieves his motto so all the mankind must follow it. Laziness is not forgiven by God. Other shortcomings of your boy are also considered by you seriously but you and your husband will have to pay your personal attention to guide your son in loving manner and not in anger always. Sometimes anger and most of the time love will make him quite ok. In loving manner, you should guide him not to waste time in T.V. and other baseless matter. You and your husband should also not see T.V. in his presence. You should also pay your attention to see that his studies are going well, being a future matter. Being a parent, you will both have to look after your son to hold good teaching by him and destroy the bad habits.

Rakesh: Pranam guruji. Why do we celebrate Shivratri?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Shivratri festival has been made a custom by us. So, the devotees celebrate it. However, this festival has not been mentioned in Vedas. Swami Dayanand Saraswatiji in childhood was told by his father to sit in shiv temple on shivratri stating that Shivji Maharaj would give his appearance (darshan) there. Swamiji was carefully sitting and watching the shivling in the temple. In the midnight, he saw that all the devotees have slept and the rats were playing on the shivling and eating fruits, sweets placed there. Swamiji was surprised and started thinking that if Shivji Maharaj is not able to protect himself from rats then how he will help and protect us. He immediately ran towards his house and left the temple. Later on, by hard struggle he became able to know that Vedas knowledge emanates direct from God and there is only one Formless, Almighty, omnipresent, unchangeable and unchallengeable God who is only to be worshipped according to Vedic knowledge. In this regard, I paste my articles below-


There is only one God who is formless, creates, nurses and destroys the universe. He is Almighty and supreme, beyond description, beyond imagination and beyond calculation. He is omnipresent and omniscient. Divine qualities of Almighty God are described in eternal knowledge of Vedas. Vedas emanate direct from God. So all Hindus and others too believe in Vedas.

Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh are the names of one said God. God has no wives please because He is Almighty and needs no assistance etc. No one is above God please. All religions tell to worship God.


God is only one who creates the universe and no other can create the universe except God. Please think deeply is any one except God empowered for creation, etc.? The pious qualities of God are unlimited whereas qualities of soul, which resides in human body, are limited. That is why He is God. This fact is also mentioned by Rishi Patanjali in his Yog shastra sutra 1/24, “KALEASHKARAMVIPAKASHYAIHI APRAMRISHTAHA PURUSHVISHESHAHA ISHWARAHA” i.e., He who is not indulged in any sorrows/sufferings (kalesh), in any kind of deed (karma) and result thereof (vipakya), He is supreme in souls and is called Ishwar (God), whereas, soul is indulged in all the said matters according to deeds done in previous, and in the present life. So this is also a difference between God and souls and therefore soul can never be God based on the different qualities.

Amongst unlimited qualities of God, few may be enumerated-that God creates, nurses and destroys the universe. God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent and Almighty, beyond description, beyond imagination, and beyond calculation. Nobody on the earth can deny such qualities, but these qualities are to be discussed and considered deeply and he who does the same is called MUNI as per Vedas and shastras.

Let us think over one quality of God – Being Almighty. Almighty means God has all powers and thus God, to control the universe and to do any kind of deed for the same, can not be dependent on another, at any cost, being Almighty. Again shastras say, which is a true saying too, that there must be reason behind for any creation, matter etc. God is a reason to create the universe. Parents are the reason to give birth to a child. Ravana took Sita forcefully which became a reason for war between Shri Ram and Ravana etc. So as per Vedas there must be a reason of avtar and after studying eternal knowledge of Vedas and thinking deeply, there seems no reason to take avtar by Almighty God. As in Yajurveda mantra 2/26, so is in Shwetashwataropnishad shlok 6/8 wherein it is mentioned that there is no reason to form a God and thus God is also formless i.e., nobody can make God but God creates universe from non-alive prakriti. Secondly the said Upnishad says that the deeds of God of creation, nursing, and destruction of universe are eternal, natural, and automatic. So naturally God needs no avtar to destroy Kalyug, earth, or devils etc., being Almighty i.e., God has all powers and is independent. Not God but only His powers are enough to control, create, nurse, destroy the universe. That is why Upnishad says that God has no desire to create etc., but it is eternal and natural and this sort of desire is named “IKSHAN” and not desire to create etc.

Suppose God has to kill a devil and He takes avtar and God kills the devils by arrow etc. It means God is not Almighty and independent because God has taken help of Avtar (Human body) and arrow, gun, etc., which is impossible.

This all I have told based on fundamental law of eternal knowledge of four Vedas. Yet if anybody says about avtar then it is their own views and they are satisfied with their views and can not be commented because they could have been realizing at their own but so far as eternal knowledge of Vedas is concerned, Avtar is not possible.