Mohammad Siddiqui: Swamiji, As Salam Alaikum, I have read your article Prophecy of Prophet Muhammad in Hindu scriptures. It is very knowledgeable discussion,when almighty God created universe there was no any sect. So to accept the teaching of pious quran or vedas it is not necessary to become muslim or hindu but it is necessary to accept the teachings and become the human being. So I love Islam and whole human beings. That is why there is a pious ayat of holy quran sharif in the beginning that every preach is only for khuda and in pious hadis sharif it is rightly mentioned that amongst all — “la ila-ha il lal laha.” and the best prayer al-hamdu lillaha. So here we can accept the meaning of narashashah in respect of the person who is praised by all human beings due to his preach and pious deeds etc. Respectfully,I want to draw your kind attention of the a few pious ayat of holy quran sharif.
Actually in Arabic, Muslim, one who surrenders, active participle of ‘aslama, to surrender; see Islam. We are attaching herewith the soft copy of english translation of quran sharief for your kind help with the request to please study. Once again, I thanks the almighty God, who has guided us to learn the above mentioned instruction. Thanking you, With regards
Swami Ram Swarup: Walek-am-Aslaam. Respectfully, I’ve studied the pious ayats of Quaran Sharief along with your views.

As you’ve stated truly, I also love all human-beings because we all are one and Almighty God is our Father Who creates and nurses us. The said preach is also given in Vedas and we follow it faithfully.
I would also like to mention here that long ago, I also studied full pious Quaran Sharief (Hindi edition) and praise it always. Amongst several invaluable thoughts, Quran Sharief also preaches us a very beautiful and heart feeling preach that
“Zameen Par Itra Ke Na Chal
Shekhi Khoron Ko Khuda Pasand Nahin Karta.”

The effect of Quran Sharief along with Vedas-Shastras forced me to adopt it and I’ve been always trying to follow it in every step of life. Because the preach also tallies with Vedas.

Quran Sharief also preaches final liberation and peace and the said fact is also stated in eternal knowledge of four Vedas, also stating the main motto of human life.

Now, to achieve the said motto Vedas tell to do daily Yajyen, hawan, name jaap of God and hard practice of Ashtang Yoga while discharging all moral duties towards family, society and all living beings. Pious Quaran Sharief has also advised/preached most valuable worship to achieve the said motto of human beings.

Now, the worshipper who has followed Islam and has adopted the pious preach of Islam and thus has achieved main motto of human-life similarly the main motto has been achieved by the worshipper by following Vedic worship quoted above then it makes no difference whether one follows Islam or others follow Vedic worship. And both the worshippers cannot be changed because they have attained the main motto and have been experiencing unchangeable invaluable permanent peace in present life.

Yes, those who’ve not attained the said peace, they can either follow Islam or Vedic path. My regards to you.

Seema: Swamiji i am very grateful to you for sending the book. I am trying to understand What i am reading since it is in Hindi. English would have been more comfortable for me. Is it in anyway possible that I send the book back, and you send me an English copy. I am ready to bear all the expenses. It would be very kind of you. Thank you.
Swami Ram Swarup: You are welcome my daughter. We’ll send you the English books and you can keep the Hindi book as well.