Parmeshwaran: I want to know the meaning of Sandhya vandanam, why we perform it the way we do it & english translaton of Sandhya vandanam if possible. I live in Canada and this is not readily available here.
Swami Ram Swarup: Meaning of Sandhya vandanam is to worship the God by accurate concetration. In this way the devotees chant the ved mantras and offer aahuties in burning fire of the bedi/hawan kund in a proper way. Sandhya means with full concentration and vandanam means worship. We perform Sandhya vadanam traditionally to worship God. So, the question of ‘why’ cannot be raised in the matter of traditional worship. Worship is meant to please God and giving our many- many thanks to God who has blessed us with human life and all the matters to live upon.

Sandhya vandanam in English has not been translated and I think no book in this matter has been printed because Sandhya vandanam is the collection of ved mantras, chanted in divine Sanskrit language made by God Himself in the shape of four Vedas however, a book of sandhya vandanam consisting of ved mantras with Hindi meaning is available which can be sent to you, if you desire.

Kunal: Pranaam swamiji. Swamiji kya tantra system atharveda pe based hai? Swamiji maine suna hai ki vama marg ko chodkar jo white tantra yaanidakshini marg haiwoh vedok anusaar hai aur isme kai scientific quantum hysics kibaatein hai..kya yeh sach hai swamiji?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Pratham to tantra shabda ka arth samjhna avashyyak hai kyunki vedon mein aajkal ka tantarik aadi jhootee baton ka koi varnnan nahi hai. Vedon mein kewal gyan aur vigyan hai. Aap punaha apna prashan bhejein.