A L: I would like to get 4x VCD , video procedure for performing hawan, as mentioned by Guruji in Question and Answers on this website. Bahaut Dhanaywaad.
Swami Ram Swarup: The required VCDs are being sent to you, please. My blessings to you.

A: Sadar Pranam Guruji, Main jitna aapke uttaron ko padh rahan hun utna hi seekh bhi rahan hun aur bhramit bhi ho rahan hun (sahi aur galat samajh ko jo ab tak arjit huin hai jeewan mein) Tirth ka kya mahatva hai? Char Dhaam yaatra ka kya mahatva hai? Ved ke atirikt hamen anya granth jaise ki Mahabharat, Bhagvat, Ramayan, Guru Granth Sahib, Vishnu Puran, Shiv Puran kyon padne chahiyen (hum kya seekh sakte hain?)Bhagvan Ram, Bhagvan Shiv aur Bhagvan Krishna kiski aradhna (Puja) karte the aur kaise
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Ved mein Tirath ka arth weh sthan hai jahan Ved mantron ke gyata Tapasvi niwas karte hain aur jahan rozana Ved mantron se Yajyen hota hai aur Ved mantron ka arth aur bhaav samjhaya jaata hai . Aise pavitra sthan par pahunch kar hee jeev sansar roopi bhav sagar se tar jaata hai. Tirath ka doosra arth naav ya paani ka jahaz hai jisme baithkar ke pranni nadi ke ek kinare se doosre kinare tak pahunchta hai.

Tirath ka teesra arth hai Ved-vidya dwara prapt shudh buddhi jo sadaa shubh karma karake jeev ko taar deiti hai. Yeh sansar ka satya vichar hai ki srishti ke arambh mein Ishwar se char Vedon ka gyan utpann hota hai.

Punaha Ved ka gyan prapt karke hee rishi-munion nein Mahabharat, Upnishad, six shastra, Valmiki Ramayan aadi ki rachna kee. Jaise aaj bhi koi pustakein padne ke baad hee apnee nai pustak kee rachna karta hai isee prakar Rishiyon ne pehle Vedon ka adhyayan kiya, baad mein Mahabbhart aaadi granth likhe aur unmein Vedon ka hee gyan diya. Ab kuch varshon se santon ka samay chal rahaa hai jinhone vedon se utpann shastra, Upnishad aadi ka adhayayan kiya aur pustakein likheen. Jo ekagra vritti se ved sunkar uspar manan karta hai weh to sansar ke sab dharma granthon ka jaankar ho jaata hai. Aisa vidwan phir chahe jo bhi granth pade to ussey un granthon mein ved ka gyan hee nazar aiyega. Aur yeh baat bhi hai ki jis granth mein ved ke khilaf koi baat likhee hai usey vidwan apramannik maankar tyag deitey hain.

Bhagwan Ram, Bhagwan Krishna jaise vibhutiyon ke samay aaj ke mazhab utpann hee nahin hue they. Yeh majhab to 2,000- 2,500 saal ke andar hee utpann hue hain.

Doosra , aaj ke sant-mahatma bhi kuch sau varshon se hee aiye hain atah Sri Ram avam Sri Krishna jaise vibhutiyon ke samay kewal ghar-ghar vedon ka gyan hee prachalit tha. Us samay, acharya se vedvidya sunkar rozana Yajyen, naam-simran aur yogabhyas aadi karke Ishwar kee vedon mein kahee anadi kaal se chalee aayee bhakti kee jaati thee.

A: Sadar Pranam Guruji, How do we calculate time and yug? How do we know how much time or yug has elapsed and where are we at present? After how many years would satyug come again, and how do we know this (method) please? Kya main (soul) satyug main bhi tha aur aage rahunga?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. In this regard, I paste my article:-

About Yugas

Manusmriti gives the proof in its chapter one that present time of the earth is 7th Manvantar. Uptil now 6 manvantar have passed. Those are Swayambhuva, Swarochish, Auttami, Tamas, Raivat and Chaakshush, now it is 7th manvantar, called Vaivasvat.

71 chaturyugi = 1 manvantar.

There are four yug – Satyug, Treta, Dwapur and Kaliyug.

Satyug = 17 lakhs 28 thousands years

Treta = 12 lakhs 96 thousands years

Dwapur = 8 lakhs 64 thousands years

Kaliyug = 4 lakhs 32 thousands years

The total of four Yugas comes to be 43 lakhs and 20 thousands years which is equal to one Chaturyugi. 71 Chaturyugi i.e., 30 crore 67 lakhs and 20 thousands years equal to one Manvantar and 6 Manvantar have yet passed whose calculation comes to one Arab 84 crore 30 lakhs and 20 thousands years. This is 7th Manvantar and 28 Chaturyugi and the present Kaliyug has passed its time of 5002 years. So, uptil now the age of the earth and Vedas is one Arab 96 crore 8 lakhs 53 thousands one hundred and eleven years. Bhagwad Geeta shlok 8/17 also says about this fact.

14 Manvantar= 1 Kalp.

You are also advised to read my book- Vedas- A divine Light part V regarding more information.

Han, hum jeevatmain hain aur hamein Ishwar nein yeh shareer diya hai. Shareer alag hai aur hum alag hain. Hum(jeevatma) anadi aur kabhi na marne walee jeevatmain hain. Isliye har jeevatma pehle se hee chalee aa reheee hai aur sadaa raheingee.

Anonymous: I married a man according to gandharva vivah because we were in love. After that we were living as unmarried till the time my brother sister got married according to caste. And it’s almost 10 year and I don’t love that person any more and my parent’s want me to marry a guy according to their choice. And during this period of time when I was away from from home for study and job I had friendship with another another and when my husband come to know that I
have friendship with another guy then my husband assaulted me and is dishonest to me. He is not letting me leave. My current friend still wants to marry me. I an contemplating suicide.
Swami Ram Swarup: Even to think about suicide is a heinous sin say Vedas, shastras
and holy books. In this connection, I also paste my article below:-


Suicide occurs in respect of those who indulge in illusion. Due to illusion, they are demoralised, lose patience. When the creation starts then at the beginning of every creation, God gives the
knowledge of four Vedas to Rishis/human beings, to become learned by destroying the illusion. But those who due to one or the other reason, do not listen Vedas, they become unable to understand the motto of the human life and therefore the illusion effects them. As a result, they lose heart and commit suicide which is the greatest sin of human life. They even do not understand that due to their said act of sin, they will have to face more and more sorrows in the next birth. Even they
are devoid of best human body which is meant to achieve salvation while doing all moral duties under the guidance of learned acharya of Vedic philosophy.

Also, even to think about suicide is itself a grave sin, the bad result of which will be borne in next life. We have come here to worship Almighty God, to burn our previous bad deeds so as to make our life happy and not to generate more sins. So God is one who is the creator. And to concentrate on the formless, Almighty God, one will have to follow the Vedas.

If you are young then you should marry with person selected by your parents or you may marry a guy whom you love, as said by you. This is the best solution because the life is not to be lost or ruined. Forget whatever has happened in past and value present time, to make the future bright.