Pradyumn Singh Chouhan: नमस्ते स्वामी जी। राजयोग क्या है? और ध्यान की वैदिक पद्धति के बारे जानना है जैसे वैदिक ध्यान पद्धति में परमात्मा के नाम शब्द , अर्थ और ईश्वर की भावना के साथ ध्यान किया जाता है लेकिन वर्तमान में कोई स्वासो पर कोई कही कोई कुछ ध्यान करवा रहे जिसमे से यह वैदिक ध्यान से विपरीत है इसलिए स्वामी जी आप इस विषय पर कुछ बताइये और वैदिक ध्यान के अपने अनुभव के बारे में भी … मुझे इस विषय में आपसे मार्गदर्शन भी चाहिए

Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji, Raaj yog ka varnnan vedon mein to nahi hai. Han! Jo Raja ved marg par chalte thei, nitya ka agnihotra, Yajyen aadi karte thei, yogabhyaas dwara Ishwar ko jaante thei aur vedon mein kahee vishudh raajneeti se desh kee janta ka apnee santaan kee tarah achche se achcha palan-poshann karte thei, unhein Raj-Rishi kehte thei. Hamare desh mein asankhya Raaj-Rishi hue hain jaise Prithivi ke pratham Raja Manu, phir Shipt, Vikshipt, Yayati, Kuru, Puru, Harishchandra, Aj, Dashrath, Sri Ram, Pandu etc., isliye Raj yog ke vishaye mein main koi comment nahi kar sakta kyunki iska varnnan vedon mein bilkul bhi na hone ke karann ved virudh marg hai.

Vedic dhyan padhatti jaanne ke liye ved aur yog ke gyata vidwanon kee sharann mein jaana padta hai. Ved ka Adhyayan karna padta hai aur is prakaar ved kee shikshaon ko acharann mein lakar Ashtang Yog vidya kee jaankari prapt karke Ashtang Yog vidya ka abhyaas karna padta hai. Vedon mein yog ke aath ang kahe hain.

Yam, Niyam, Asan, Prannayaam, Pratyahaar,

Dharnna, Dhyan and Samadhi.

Jaise maine bataya,Ashtang Yog vidya jaanane ke liye ved ka gyan jaanana zaroori hai kyunki Ashtang Yog vidya vedon se niklee hai.

Jaise Yagyavalkya Rishi bhi kehte hain- “Hirranyagarbhaha Yogasya Vakta” arthat Jyotiswarup Parmeshwar ne hee ved vidya mein yog vidya ka updesh kiya hai.

Isliye yog vidya jaanane ke liye ved vidya jaanana zaroori aur pichchle beete yugon mein koi aisa ek bhi Yogi nahi hua jo ved vidya na jaanta ho.

“God is the Preacher of Yog Philosophy”

In our country, there are several saints and others, who have been trying to spread the knowledge of Yog education in India as well as abroad for the last several years. Infact, India has been a land of Rishi-Munis and Rajrishis who bowed down their heads with respect before Yog philosophy and practised it in their daily lives. Here the question arises that why they gave so much respect to Yog education? In this connection, the study of eternal Vedas and based on Vedas, our ancient religious texts like Mahabharat epic, Valmiki Ramayan, Shastras etc., reveals that the said dignitaries followed the Yog philosophy traditionally, i.e., they attended gurukuls where the Rishi-Munis who were learned of Vedas and Yog philosophy, also made them learned of Vedas first thereafter they preached them Yog philosophy. But now it is sad that mostly the people have been made ignorant of vedic knowledge. Only asan, prannayam and meditation matters which are just three parts of Ashtang Yog Philosophy, are being taught.

Here, we must pay our attention towards the fact that in the beginning of the creation, Almighty God does not preach Yog philosophy instead first of all knowledge of four Vedas emanates directly from God and is originated only in the heart of four Rishis named Agni, Vayu, Aditya, Angira.[Rigved mantra 10/109/1 refers]

Rigved starts giving the knowledge of Almighty God, preaching that everybody must desire to know the God etc.

Yajurved begins giving the knowledge of performing daily Yajyen with ved mantras and rendering services towards mother, father, learned guests, acharya and Almighty God, stating that the said services are a part of Yajyen which spreads peace, saves life of every living-being, protects from diseases and even saves the lives of animals etc.

Samved also starts with the mantra wherein aspirant prays that may the God be realised, God being the donor of all kinds of goods and assets to live upon.

Fourth and the last Atharvaved starts giving the knowledge of divine Sanskrit language and advises further to make contact with learned acharya of ved and Ashtang Yog philosophy, to listen to Vedas and to be a learned man/woman.

The ancient Rajrishis, Rishi-Munis and public studying Vedas, thereafter slowly-slowly came to know about the divine value of Ashtang Yog philosophy which is also a part of worship of God and they all therefore also bowed down respectfully before the divine Yog philosophy preached by God Himself in Vedas. In this connection, Yagvalkya Rishi also states- “Hirrannyagarbhaha yogasya vakta” i.e., Almighty God is Himself the preacher of Ashtang Yog Philosophy.

Yog Shastra sutra 1/26 also states that-

Almighty God is Himself the guru of the ancient four Rishis mentioned above.

For example- Yajurved mantra 7/4 states-

“Upyaamgrihitaha Asi Maghavan Somam Pahi” i.e., Oh! Soul

[residing in a human body]

you are meant for practising Ashtang Yog Philosophy to realise the divine pleasure of experiencing the God.

So, keeping in view that Vedas and Ashtang Yog Philosophy has been preached by God Himself, we must learn and follow the same respectfully and it is also clear that practice of Ashtang Yog philosophy is to attain Samadhi to realise God/salvation. Therefore, main aim of practising the Yog philosophy is not to improve the health etc.

The ancient Rishi-Munis etc., as quoted above, respected the Ashtang Yog philosophy due to the fact that it is mentioned in Vedas and Vedas emanate directly from Almighty God. Therefore yog philosophy which emanates from Vedas will have no importance alone if we ignore Vedas, Vedas being the origin of Ashtang Yog education. Yog education only gives fruitful results when the complete education of Vedas is adhered to in the life of aspirant.

There is not even a single ancient or present Rishi-Muni, Tapasvi who followed/follows Yog education alone, keeping aside the Vedas. So, we must learn that when the ancient Rishi-Munis followed all the Vedas including Yog philosophy then there remained no scope of corruption, vices or making the Yog education as a source of income. It was being preached free of cost because it was followed along with complete Vedic education which enabled/enables the aspirant to control his senses whereas due to lack of Vedas knowledge, the practice of only Yog education has mostly become the source of several shortcomings and even most of the people do not know that Atharvaved states, “If you steal away only a small portion of Vedas education and leave the rest of the complete Vedic education then you are punished by God. This has been in the case of learning of Yog education.

Had Yog education been learnt along with Vedas philosophy, as was done in previous yugas, then no vices or malpractices would have crept in but now learning yog education alone has given way to numbers of vices and people are using it as means of earning money, also making it professional.

Had the Yog philosophy been learnt traditionally in the light of knowledge of Vedas, it would not have been deshaped/distorted. For example- Vedas tell only about Ashtang Yog whereas nowadays it is being told with several names and several shapes like Shtang yog, Sahaj yog, Hath yog, Power yog etc.

I mean to say that in the absence of knowledge of Vedas, original, eternal and everlasting form of Ashtang Yog philosophy has been deshaped, by the human-beings which is totally against the Vedas.

Where it is a matter of great joy that 21st June, 2016 was celebrated as International Yog Day, there, it is also a matter of great concern that due to lack of Vedas’ knowledge, mostly a distorted and false image of Yog, asan, prannayaam etc., has been portrayed before the world because our eternal and ancient vedic culture wherein Yog philosophy has been very well preached, does not imbibe the concept of performance of Yog Philosophy while laughing or dancing on music tunes or while exercising etc. Some of the sadhus have been seen in the T.V. lying on the water on asan and others inside the water too. This act has neither been mentioned in Vedas/Ashtang Yog Philosophy nor has been described by ancient/present Rishi-Munis; not being the motto of practising Ashtang Yog. All Vedas like Yajurved mantra 7/4 preach that in Ashtang Yog philosophy, simply the practice of Yam, Niyam, Asan (not in water or in air etc.), Prannayaam, Pratyahaar, Dharnna, Dhyan and Samadhi is required wherein above quoted acts have not been described.

So, on the International day of Yog, undoubtedly the need of traditional study of Vedas, wherein Ashtang Yog Philosophy is preached by God, is emphasized amongst those who teach the Yog Philosophy.

Although it is true that on the Yog day, the entire world has been familiarized to the word Yog yet the presentation of a distorted and untrue shape of the eternal, everlasting and unchangeable Ashtang Yog Philosophy mentioned in Vedas amounts to causing its insult.

Infact, in the absence of study of vedas by the so-called Yogis, true form of the Ashtang Yog Philosophy, as quoted above, which also includes the true meaning of the word Yog etc., has not been put forth before the public on this important International Yog education Day and not Yog Day because as per Vedas, Yog means Samadhi and Samadhi’s day is never celebrated.

So, today it is difficult to claim as to who knows the eternal, true meaning of the word- Yog briefed in Vedas and Patanjal Yog Darshan.

Vedas and Ashtang Yog Philosophy which are inseparable from each other, donot belong to India alone, but based on the true history written by Rishi Valmikiji and Vyasmuniji in their epics, it is very well understood that the same have been the culture of entire world as well. In this connection, it shall also not be out of place to mention that proof thereof exists in the fact that the world libraries are adorned with four Vedas wherein Ashtang Yog Philosophy is mentioned, as the most ancient and authentic holy books of the universe. But as India so the whole world, due to one or the other reason, have forgotten the priceless Vedas and Ashtang Yog Philosophy at present, which are the source of several benefits like uniting all human-beings together, maintaining peace, means of controlling the senses, attaining ill-free, addiction-free long life, making bright future etc. Such divine qualities were maintained by the ancient public during the time when Vedas/Ashtang Yog Philosophy was in vogue and the said fact has been stated by all the ancient Rishis in their Vedic literature.

Therefore, nobody can even think about adopting any alternative to Vedas or Ashtang Yog Philosophy for the above said matters. We must also remember that according to Vedas the main aim of practising the Vedic Ashtang Yog Philosophy is to realise God. However, its practice incidentally provides the devotee with healthy body and mind. The ostentatious and glamourous way of performing asan, prannayaam etc., does not come under the tradition of Vedic Ashtang Yog Philosophy because Vedas preach that Vedic spiritual Ashtang Yog path is the subject matter of deep, serious thought.

In view of the above, if we have failed to produce the eternal, unchallengeable and unchangeable form of Ashtang Yog Philosophy which was adopted by our ancient and present Rishi-Munis and public, who pracitised the same in secluded places, caves etc., in calm and peaceful atmosphere on the banks of river and got the best result thereof then at least some of the fundamentals thereof should have sure been maintained in the present scenario to avoid to produce its distorted form. The pious qualities attained by practising Ashtang Yog Philosophy, have only been mentioned by learned and experienced Rishi-Munis in their ancient Vedic granths like six shastras, eleven upnishads, Mahabharat epic, Valmiki Ramayan, Shatpath Brahmin Granth etc. The said dignitaries have mentioned the Yog Philosophy with full respect and utmost faith. The said respect to the said Philosophy has vanished in thin air. Yog Shastra sutra 1/14 emphasis that Ashtang Yog Philosophy must be practised regularly for a long time that is till death with utmost faith and respect. On the contrary, its form is being produced while laughing, dancing on modern music etc., where the matter of faith and respect has been oversighted mainly due to lack of Vedas’ and Shastras knowledge.

The famous Yogis of present times like Yogi Aurobindo Ghosh and Rishi Dayanand Saraswatiji have given the eternal, immortal explanation of Vedic Ashtang Yog, worship and popularized its concept amongst public and while carrying forward the tradition of ancient, great dignitaries like Guru Vasishth, Patanjali Rishi, Kapil Muni, Yagyavalkya Rishi, Shring Rishi, Vishwamitraji, Narad etc., in reality they dedicated their entire lives in service of Vedas and Ashtang Yog philosophy. And now what a fruitful result of their efforts and sacrifice is being seen that atleast Yog Philosophy has been popularized at world level today.

The method of prayer/dua/prarthna/ardaas in all sects and the method of meditating with closed eyes also shows the tradition of Vedas and eternal Yog philosophy.

Yagyavalkya Rishi, the learned of Vedas has clearly put forth the fact of eternal and immortal tradition along with truth enshrined in Rigved mantra 10/181/1,2 that – “Hirannyagarbhaha Yogasya Vakta”

Meaning- According to Yajurved mantra 13/4, meaning of Hirannyagarbhaha is- “Jyoti Vai Hirannyaha” i.e., God is the form of divine light. Hence, Yagyavalkya Rishi says that the preacher of the Ashtang Yog philosophy is God, who is the form of divine light. It clearly shows that the ancient Rishis, the present self-proclaimed Yog Gurus and other humans are not the preachers of Yog Philosophy. Actually, at present the sun of Vedas has almost set down due to the spreading of falsehood against Vedas and Yog Philosophy amongst the public.

As a result, very few know the true, eternal form of Vedic Ashtang Yog Philosophy. It is an astonishing matter that mostly the so-called Yog Gurus/teachers have kept themselves away from the study of the Vedas but due to their selfishness they have stolen a fraction of knowledge of Yog Philosophy and produce its distorted concept amongst the public which is not beneficial but harmful.

God preaches in Vedas like Yajurved mantra 7/4 and based on it Rishi-Munis preach in Shastras like Yog Shastra sutra 1/2 that Samadhi that is realization of God is called Yog where five senses (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, skin) stop taking worldly knowledge. Then where remains the scope of laughing, cracking jokes, dancing on music, lying on water etc. Patanjali Rishi has quoted the said fact in his above sutra stating- “Yogaha chitta vritti nirodhaha”

Now India as well as the world should know the real vedic (and not self-made) meaning of word Yog as Samadhi/realization of divine pleasure/ realization of God and not asan, prannayaam etc.., as clarified above. Therefore, we must be assured that nobody should produce the self-made and distorted form of word Yog. In Vedas and Shastras, the word Yog guru has also been not seen instead Rishi-Muni, Yogi and other divine words are seen. This eternal and immortal Yog Philosophy cannot be made professional. It is only learnt from a learned acharya of Vedas and Ashtang Yog Philosophy and is practised with respect, faith and in profound manner as quoted above in Yog Shastra sutra 1/14.

So, on the International Yog day where the divine Vedic word Yog echoed, it is really a praise-worthy step but on the other hand, as quoted above the true form of Yog Philosophy and the word Yog has not been produced before the public and hence the ingratitude.

If, at this beautiful day, had the real form of Yog Philosophy been produced then really God and souls of ancient and present Rishi-Munis would have been pleased. Otherwise, distorted form is infact always unbearable.

Isliye hamein yaad rakhna chahiye ki yog vidya ka updesh manushyon mein nahi apitu Ishwar ne vedon mein kiya hai aur ved vidya ko jaankar poorva ke Rishiyon ne Ashtang Yog vidya ko jaana aur iska vistaar janta mein kiya.