H A: I am facing a lot of problems in my married life. I have had a series of problems. (details provided).
Swami Ram Swarup: Life is a struggle but we have to face happily. So, one should never be exhausted, in any circumstances. No doubt, that it is sad that you have not seen your two younger babies but you can struggle even through court to meet and talk to your babies. Court will always allow you for the same. When you will be allowed by the court to meet your babies then there will be no doubt in your mind.

To fall in love in the present times is really 99.99% falsehood and is based on physical charms. In case, marriage happens then the charms fade away and whatever is left behind remains only repentance. Vedas tell not to give heart to opposite sex before marriage.

Now, a learned forgets the past and pays full attention to discharge his duties and to do pious deeds only, by which he/she makes future bright. So, please forget the past regarding marriage and now you try to meet with your babies and you should also try to become an earning hand.

At present, to say that he was unfaithful etc., is of no use, as quoted above. So, please don’t waste time, energy and don’t be tense but be brave and do the deeds which are beneficial for you and your babies. When you have seen him, his behavior, character etc., then your duty is either to mold him or to leave him, so, decide whatever you want but don’t be tense. Otherwise, it will affect your physical and mental power. As, I told you, please don’t take tension and avoid such happening of slashing your wrists etc. It will be harmful for you and your children and not others. Please, be brave and solve the situation by taking elder’s advice along with advice of advocate. So, please do as advised and be brave. You are not alone because God is with you. My blessings to you, my daughter. You can send your problem anytime, here.

Manoj: I want too marry someone. sab kuch sahi hia but hamare bhukut gun nhi mill rahe kirpa mujhe apne gyan se margdarshan kijiye
Swami Ram Swarup: In this regard, I paste my article, if any query, then please send your question again.


Eternal knowledge of Vedas emanates direct from God wherein Almighty God has preached us. Learned says that to reach at truth, proof of ved mantras is required. However, in the matter of Rahu, Jupiter and Saturn/navgrah Poojan/Janampatri/ Gunn/Teva etc., it has not been mentioned in Vedas and hence unauthentic.

For marriage, birth kundli match is not necessary because such procedure has not been mentioned in vedas, shastras, Bhagwad Geeta, Valmiki Ramayana etc. Vedas state that marriage should be performed based on good qualities of both sides. For example- Boy must be earning well to support his wife and wife must know the way of creating and maintaining good atmosphere of family. I have mentioned such good qualities of both husband and wife in my book- Vedas- A Divine Light (III) in English worth Rs.100/- which can be sent to you on receipt of your demand and postal address.