Anonymous: Who is controlling day and night?
Swami Ram Swarup: The formless Almighty God Who creates, nurses and destroys the universe is the Lord of souls, Prakriti and Prakriti made universe. He alone controls the universe. We must always worship Him only.

Roopal: Pranam Guruji, I want to know why god puts good people who are righteous, God-fearing, have love for parmatma among people who have jealousy/greed/fakeness? I understand that its beneficial for others to learn the good qualities, but how is it beneficial to the evolved person?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Who is right and who is wrong is decided by Almighty God only. Secondly, God is Supreme judge and therefore He can not do injustice. He always awards the result of our previous lives’ and present lives’ deeds, based on which He gives death and birth to each soul/individual. His justice can not be challenged being pious, impartial and true. Some times, it looks that good people have met with death but no body knows accept God that he has being awarded the result of his previous lives’ deeds and not present and the people who have been doing sins in this life and seems to be enjoying is also our wrong assumption. Such people do not have any peace with in them but have long life based on their previous lives pious deeds. The present sins will have to be faced in future life.

As regard society it is at our own discretion i.e., we may leave the bad society and join good society and where it is impossible to leave the bad society then good people’s role should be like a sandal wood tree on which poisonous snakes are twined but sandal wood tree is unaffected by the poison of such snakes, otherwise no alternative to save our selves.

Kiran Das: Last time you had answered that KAPIL muni had taken grace life from God to complete understand knowledge of Veda. My question is how many years to take study Veda completely ? I mean how many Veda, ghosh & mantra comes each Veda.
Swami Ram Swarup: It depends upon the capability of a person/aspirant that how much time will he take to study Vedas. But as I told you earlier, Vedas either should be listened first and then study should be started or some easy books should be studied first, and then one should enter into knowledge of Vedas. Then continuous, minimum six-seven years of study requires to be done to completely understand Vedas knowledge. Then simultaneously daily hawan (even with Gayatri mantra) and name jaap of God- OM should be continued.