D:If I do meditation for how long time I should do daily, and should I do pranayam and do meditation is ok guru ji charan sparsh?

D:If I do meditation for how long time I should do daily, and should I do pranayam and do meditation is ok guru ji charan sparsh?
Swami Ram Swarup: Time of meditation is fixed as per everyone’s suitability i.e., for one hour or less or more. Yes, one should do pranayaam but before doing pranayaam, yam, niyam and asan (Part of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy) must be practised carefully. Your views to do pranayaam and meditation are appreciated. The yoga philosophy requires guidance of learned acharya in whose presence, the yoga philosophy is learnt. Please go ahead. My blessings are always with you.

D: Guru ji charan sparsh around what time in morning we should do havan daily?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. The procedure to perform the Yajyen in the morning is that when the first ray of the sun reaches the earth and in the evening before sunset, please.

Anonymous: Pranaam Guruji, I am in a dilemma, where I need your guidance…
Should we always think positive about events in life or consider the negative to some extent as well then make decisions and judgements? Similarly when helping someone with advice who you can see has a chance of falling, do you give advice to the person on the chance of the person falling or do you think positive and give advice the that person will not fall ? I.e. does the advice given lean towards the 50% positive or does it lean towards the 50% negative? How many times should one persist with the advice if it is not taken? Or do you possibly let the person fall anyway, to realise that they were setting up to fall. My parents advice to the same person above is always leaning towards the 50% negative, and therefore this is causing conflict, because the person whom the advice is being given too always see things as 100% positive, so the advice is not listened to, ignored and conflict occurs. Parents have experience in life and can see things, i.e. can see the person is setting up to fall heavily, but are powerless to do anything. I am also not sure what to do.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. The human body has been blessed by Almighty God to learn Vedas from a learned acharya and to do daily havan/Yajyen, name jaap, meditation i.e., practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy- all this kills the sorrows and one attains salvation while discharging all moral duties towards family, society and nation.

I mean to say that Vedas state “Me manah shivsankalpamastu” i.e., Oh God! My mind (mann) should always get auspicious thoughts i.e., one must always think and attain pious thoughts only and not negative for which one should do daily worship of God as stated above, by which the mind (mann) gets concentration and leaves all bad habits, sins etc. Without worship etc., there remains no result of discussing, studying, etc.

Advice is always given to get progress in life and not for downfall, please. Secondly, our Vedas, shastras, Bhagwad Geeta and other holy granths of the world preach to get advice of a learned prophet, saint, philosopher etc., and not from an ordinary person. Then the chances of falling will never remain. It is an important point that advice is given to those who are interested, keen to get the same otherwise there will be no use of advice. So, if an aspirant who is keen to get the advice like Arjun etc., then the advice can be given again and again until he becomes able to understand. Now, you see that when Ravanna went to Mareechi to make a plan to kidnap Mata Sita, Mareechi advised him not to commit such a sin otherwise Sri Ram would destroy his entire Lanka but Ravanna ignored. On the other hand, Marreechi knew very well that something bad is going to happen to Ravanna/downfall of Ravanna shall sure take place. Similarly, Sri Ram, Hanuman, Angad, Sugreev and even the wife of Ravanna knew about the downfall/destruction of Ravanna yet all advised Ravanna to return Mata Sita but all went in vain. Same is the case of Duryodhan, Kansa etc. So when a person has to face surely the result of his previous lives’ deeds to be awarded by God Himself then what others can do. My blessings to you.