Anonymous: Pujya Guruji , Pranaaam evam charansparsh, Maharaaj ji I hope your holy self is fine by the grace of God and we all are fine here.

Maharaaj ji by this year end we are expecting a transfer to delhi. We are going to try for local transfer in our station only becoz this year April my son will go in 10 th class. We have to focus on his studies and career, coming three years are very crucial for him. In south studies are better and at least continuity for another 3 years in this place will help him and us. In last eight years we have seen almost 6-8 transfers.

Please give your blessing for success in this endeavour without which it will not happen. I advised my husband to try for another position . We seek your blessings in this crucial decision of our life.

Humble pranaams from my sons. Our visit to your ashram in December has given definite direction to my son. More guidance he requires. He desires to take diksha because he has started understanding and trying to implement vedic knowledge in his life. Its all your and Gods grace. We seek your guidance and blessings in this regard. With thanks

Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you all, beti.

Also again shower my blessings to your sons. Whenever, you will come here then Holy Deeksha will be given to your elder son and I bless your husband for his postponing to his choicest station.

Rashmi: Respected Guruji maharaaj, Pranaam evam Charan sparsh, Mahraaj ji as told by you that God manifests in yogi and is present sakshat where a yogi stays/rssides. Once the Rishi or Yogi leaves his mortal coil Will God will still be present Sakshat in the residence of yogi where he was living after the yogi has left his body. Second you have mentioned about 14 Lokas. What are they whether these lokas symbolic or real. Third is vedic marriage has how many fere around the sacred agni . In this marriage boy is ahead or for few fere girl is also ahead of boy. Please clarify this. With thanks and regards, Rashmi.
Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you, all beta.

After leaving the body, Yogi at his own desire moves freely, everywhere in the universe. He looks after all his disciples continuously for five years and helps them to attain salvation. Yes, pious effects always remain in his residence.

14 lokas are real- Bhuhu, Bhuvaha, Swaha, Maha, Janaha, Tapaha, Satyam are the outer lokas and the same seven lokas are also in each human body. Today normally seven phere are in practice. In three phere girl is ahead and rest of phere boy is ahead.