Aarya: Swamiji namaste, kripya is article ko refute kijiye, nahe toh logho ka vedas par se vishwas uth jaayega.
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas emanates from eternal and everlasting God. So faith on Vedas can never be destroyed. However, I shall try to reply you soon.

Chm: Respected Guruji, If someone is not able to forget bad karmas done by him and the same is making the person difficult to live, what needs to be done. Repeatedly, the event of bad karma comes into mind and feeling of strong self hatred and fear of from people too comes. Please help.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. The darkness of night is over only when sun rises, similarly is the effect of Vaidic knowledge which has divine light in the shape of ved mantras. So, anyone brave devotee who starts listening and following the vaidic knowledge ,his ignorance will be over and he will one day become learned, no other way please.

Subash: Pranam Swamiji. For one my querries on Shraddha, you told that Veda does not talk about Shradda. But Veda talk about Shodasha Samskara and one of the samskara is death ritual. If so, are we not to follow shraddha for the pitrus year after year?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yes, please according to Vedas shradh are not to be performed. I also paste my article below:-
Are path,Yagya, havans etc., after death of a person or tarpan shradh etc., of any beneficial to departed soul?

Soul is dependent and therefore cannot do any deed etc., without senses, perceptions, mind and body whereas, God is independent. He is Almighty and needs no help from anybody to control the universe. So He never takes any assistance/help like of any human body or of bow-arrow, gun etc., to kill anyone. At the time of death, soul goes out of the body and body with mouth, ear, eyes etc., is burnt. Thirty-ninth chapter of Yajurveda throws light that at this stage, soul remains in sushupt stage i.e., like in coma, because the soul has no assistance like mouth, ear etc., so she cannot take in food, drink water, do any thing. After thirteen days the soul based on his previous lives’ deeds enters the womb. Therefore neither soul can be ghost nor can he take food etc. So according to Vedas, shradh, tarpann cannot be done.

No doubt, soul has to face his karmas-both karmas i.e., pious as well as sins. Please refer to the article on three types of karmas. Vedas as well as yog shastra 2/16 states “Heyem Dukham Anagatam” that present sins/bad deeds as well as previous lives’ sins can be burnt with the help of present pious kriyamann karmas like paath, yajyen, havan mainly listening of Vedas, name jaap of God, learning of yoga philosophy from a true acharya (who is learned of Vedas) and its practice there of etc. Benefit of the same worship is awarded when soul remains in body. Soul leaves the body to take rebirth based on sanchit karma i.e., benefit of the worship had already been awarded by the God. If soul is really interested to get salvation, then he contacts with an acharya to learn the said worship and may be able in this birth or in the future births to get salvation. But in no case, the real worship based on Vedas goes in vain. This is also stated by Shri Krishna in Bhagwad Geeta shloka 9/31.

Anna Daan/Shradh to departed soul

Vedas are eternal knowledge which emanate direct from God at the beginning of every universe. Being the knowledge direct from God, each statement of Ved mantra is also eternal truth.

Thirty-ninth chapter of Yajurveda states about death. The soul when leaves the human body remains under control of a divine air named “Sutratma vayu”. Mantras tell that after wandering unconsciously for thirteen days in the space and planets like Sun, moon, etc., soul comes again on this earth inside the vegetation. Then either the soul enters the male living being’s body according to pious deeds and sins through pores or is duly mixed within vegetation and taken by a male person. Then the soul takes rebirth through parents.

This process is an eternal truth. However, if soul is religious and has done hard tapasya then the soul gets salvation. Only soul has to face the result of previous lives’ deeds through living being’s body. Since soul is alive whereas body is non-alive matter. So body does not face the result of deeds. When soul has gone out of body then how the soul will see, hear, taste, smell or touch or will be benefited of any pious deed etc.? therefore Vedas do not tell about the present system of shradh etc.

However, the pious deeds done to remember the departed soul by means of devotion or organising the holy Yajyen with Ved mantras, its result never goes in vain and the family is benefited.

Departed soul never meets again please. Even departed soul, when take rebirth, forgets every event of his previous life. As regards dreams Atharvaveda states that dreams of departed soul are not good so it is in your interest and welfare that you do not see dreams.

MO.DG: Pranayama Guruji, Will you accept me as your disciple? What are the conditions?
Moreover, if one has not followed the Vedic sanskaars for the child right from the beginning but want to follow when the child is of 8 years, is it possible and allowed to do so? Thanks.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. When a pious view has arisen in your heart, so my blessings to you. When you’ll come here, in ved mandir then deeksha can be given to you. For Deeksha, nothing is required except a pure heart. Yes, vedarambh sanskar is performed at the age of eight years which is the most important sanskar to turn the life.