Kunal: Swamiji, sadar charan sparsh, swamiji yeh yajurveda taittiriya samhita kya hai? mkya yeh yajurved se alag hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Yajurved Taiterreeya samhita mein Yajurved ke hee mantra hain.

Kunal: Aur swamiji yeh yajurved vajasaneyi samhita kya hai? yajurved, yajurved taittiriya samhita,yajurved vajasaneyi samhita,krishna yajurved aur shukla yajurved ,in sabmein antar kya hai? inme se authentic kaunsa hai?
Swami Ram Swarup: Jo aapne likhein hain yeh samhita, ved sanhitas nahi hain. Jin-jin rishiyon ne vedon se mantra lekar unkee vyakhyayen kee hain, woh Brahmin granth hain, shakhayein hain, ved nahi. I paste my article in thisa regard……

Shakas of Ved

Vedas are the knowledge which emanates direct from God. It is also called Shruti because the knowledge was not given in the shape of books or by preach but the knowledge is originated by the power of God in the heart of four rishis. The knowledge of Vedas thus comes from one generation to another by means of listening. About 5,300 years ago Vyas Muni first time wrote the said knowledge of Vedas on Bhoj patra and thereafter it was printed in the shape of four Vedas i.e., Rigveda, Yajurveda, Samveda and Atharvaveda. So the collection of the Ved mantras written and thereafter printed in the shape of books are actually not Vedas but are called Samhita. After studying the Vedas carefully and doing ashtang yoga practice, some rishis wrote the books explaining the Ved mantras.

Such books are called— “SHAKHA” (section) but Shakha is not Ved. In shakha, the preach of rishi or history of any king, public, man or woman etc., has been written whereas in Vedas, there is no history or story. Shakhas are famous by the name of rishis who wrote the Shakha whereas Vedas emanates direct from Almighty God and thus Vedas are famous in the name of God and not rishis. Aiteryo Brahmin (concerned with Rigveda) or Teiteryo Brahmin granth etc., (concerned with Yajurveda) have been written by rishis keeping the base of concerned Vedas but Vedas have not been written keeping any base of any mantra, etc.

As I have explained above that Vedas are not books and the knowledge of the Vedas uptil Mahabharata period was obtained by aspirants by listening only. Actually this is the fundamental of Vedas from a learned acharya. However, nowadays knowledge of Vedas has been printed with explanations etc., in the shape of book which is called samhita. Though it is difficult to understand the Vedas by self study yet one can try for the same and if he feels that he is gaining the knowledge then it is okay. However, I would advise you to read two or three books on Vedas written by me to enable you to enter the knowledge of Vedas and its study, please. But his is up to you whether you need or not, please.

Yajurved kee Taiteerya Shakha dakshinn mein Krishna yaj ke naam se prasiddh hai itiyadi. Aise hee yajurved kee kai shakhayein hain jo ‘Kannva’ evam ‘madhyan din vaajasonaye’ naam aadi se prasiddh hain. Eeshopnishad Shukla Yajurved ka chaleesvan adhyay hai.