Aman: Is space God? According to a so-called saint Space is God as we cannot touch it, it can not be seen, it cannot be destroyed. It is the farthest and also nearest. It is holding everything in the universe. It is the creator, destroyer, preserver, etc. Could you please clarify it to me?
Swami Ram Swarup: As per Vedas, space is not God, please. Yajurveda mantra 40/17
states, “Om Kham Brahma”. Here, the meaning of “Kham” is space. Space is everywhere. So, the spiritual meaning of ‘Kham’ is that God is omnipresent like ‘Kham’ i.e., space. So, the ‘Kham’ i.e., space is a divine quality of Almighty God, not His name. Rigveda Mantra 1/164/46 states “Ekam Sad Vipraha Bahuda Vadanti” i.e., there is only one, formless, almighty, omnipresent God but based on divine qualities, His names are unlimited. For example- Mantra states that Vayu is bestower of life and also destroys several buildings etc., when it takes the shape of cyclone, typhoon. The same qualities exist in Almighty God also. He is giver of life and prann and destroys all the universe one
day. So, His name is also Vayu. So, Vayu based on divine qualities is also the name of Almighty God but God is not vayu because worldly air can be felt, worldly space is also felt. Both the matters are destroyed at the time of final destruction of universe. But God “Aj” i.e., as has been stated in Rigveda mantra 6/50/14 (Ajah Ek Paat) i.e., neither takes birth nor is destroyed. Again God is “Ek Paat” i.e., unchangeable. So, space is not creator, destroyer or preserver but Almighty God who
amongst unlimited qualities has also one divine quality like space (Kham) is only the creator, preserver, destroyer. Space is not holding any matter of the universe but as stated in Yajurveda mantra 32/6 and Rigveda mandal 10, sukta 129, the Almighty God creates and enters every matter of the universe and holds it. In Rigveda mantra 1/164/39, it is also stated “Akshray” immortal,
“Parmey” most supreme , “Vyoman” omnipresent in the space, i.e., Almighty God is immortal and is omnipresent in the space. Hence, inference drawn is that space is separate and God is separate. Again, in the said mantra, it is stated “Vishwe” all “Devaha” Dev i.e., earth, sun, other planets, space etc. “Adhi Nisheduhu” is held by God. Again, mantra states “Yeh Tat Na Ved” he who does not know about the said God “Richa Kim karishyati” then what mere study of Vedas do for him? i.e., mere study of Vedas will do nothing then what to talk about study of other granths. Again, the said mantra clarifies “Yeh” those who “Viduhu” know “Tat” the said God “Tey” they only
“Emmey It” within the God “Samasatey” establish themselves in the God.

Dr. Sarkar: Thank you so very much for responding to my questions. I am waiting eagerly for VCD and book to reach me. Kindly let me know the amount I should send to you.
Swami Ram Swarup: You are always welcome, please. Books and CDs have been sent to
you please.

Kiran R. Das: Namaste yogacharya charna sparsh. What are the names described
for SOUL in Veda/shastra/upanishads & bhagawat gita?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. The name of soul have been described as
purush, atma, jeevatma, indra, rudra, kshetrajyen etc. The names are based on the qualities of soul, in the respective mantras and shlokas because the said names have also been quoted for Almighty God also but based on divine qualities of God. For example- Rudra is name of God as well as soul. When mantra will state that Rudra makes the culprit weep then the meaning of Rudra is Almighty God in the mantra. When in the mantra, it is stated that at the time of death, when soul goes out of the body and relatives start weeping then the meaning of Rudra is soul.

Nitesh: Did Lord Hanuman ji really existed or these are just stories?
Swami Ram Swarup: The great dignitary- Hanumanji took birth in Treta. It is mentioned in Valmiki Ramayan that he was a great warrior, even Brahmachari and studied four Vedas. So, he took birth and at proper time left his pious body under the law of nature. However, he was not
a monkey.