Yeshpal: Swami ji Sadar Namaste. I heard that there were only 4500 sanskrit shlokas in original Mahabharat but now we see one lakhs shlokas. Is it true? If true who added those shlokas if any prof? second question Is it written by Ganesh. Please guide on this.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. In this regard I paste my article here:-

Bhagwad Geeta – an extract of Bheeshma Parv

Geeta Shloka have not been uttered while being between two armies in the battle field and I’ve been preaching and stating the said facts in my books also for last twenty years. However, the authentic shlokas of Mahabharat epic written by Vyasmuniji are 4500 and thereafter 5500 shloka have been written under the guidance of Vyasmuniji by his disciple. But all the shlokas were uttered by Rishi Vyasji So, only 10,000 shlokas of Mahabharat are true but until now the Mahabharat epic contains about one lakh, twenty thousands shlokas i.e., one lakh ten thousand shlokas are false, say all the learned of Vedas on this earth. Logically the said fact of false shlokas being added is also true because the way of writing one lakh ten thousand false shlokas does not tally with Vyasmuniji’s way of writing. In the ten thousand true shlokas, there is a Bheeshma Parv of Mahabharat . The extract of Bheeshma Parv containing eighteen chapters has been arranged to be printed separately by somebody and the collection of such shlokas printed in the shape of book has been named as Geeta .

Vishal: Namaste Guruji, Is knowledge of Sanskrit compulsory to know God? If yes, how Guru Nanak Dev, Budha, Mahavir, Kabir got enlightened without knowledge of Sanskrit. How Kabir got enlightenment without mastering in Sanskrit? Or they like Mahavir, Budha, Nanak, Kabir were not enlightened Souls but frauds. Mahavir & Budha had declined existence of God then how can we say to them enlightened beings? I am confused whom to believe? It is hard for me to trash the Budha and mahavir. You focus on daily yazan but Budha, mahavir, Nanak, Kabir did not Yazan daily during their lifetime.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namasteji. Only contact with learned Acharya of four vedas and Ashtang Yog is necessary. Yajyen was performed by all ancient as well as present Rishi-munis including Sri Ram, Sri Krishna Maharaj, King Dashrath, Aj, Manu Bhagwan, Raja Harishchandra and the whole public of the previous Yugas. Yajyen is still being performed and remain continues to be performed till final destruction because to perform Yajyen is order of Almighty God in vedas and in Mahabharat it is stated, he is atheist who insults vedas, does not matter if he follows man-made worships. The main problem is this that in the absence of study of vedas, Mahabharat granth, Valmiki Ramayan, Shatpath Brahmin Granth etc., so called saints as well as innocent public do not know about the Yajyen, Agnihotra and vedic education.