Dadi Amma: What is the difference between ego & self respect?
Swami Ram Swarup: Ego generates several bad qualities/sins etc., and a person becomes totally unable to gain knowledge or peace. The example of Dhritrashtra, Ravanna, Kansa etc., are there. As far as self-respect (Swabhimaan) is concerned, it is not sure that such person has ego and therefore self-respect is a good quality but pride generates many sins.

Anonymous: It is said that one real sanyasi or good person, who is truthful & takes up his duty seriously is equal to 100 bad people. Then how is it that inspite of so may ashrams & organisations in India who are tying to produce good & vibrant youths, are not able to improve the dirty politics of India?
Swami Ram Swarup: There is a fundamental law for a preacher, sanyasi or a good person that they should first have the good qualities, adopted in action. I mean to say, they should not only preach but adopt the good qualities in their daily routine life. Mere preach of good qualities destroys the sanyasi as well as his followers. Where the question of good qualities is concerned, it contains the control of senses, perceptions and mind which requires practice of Ashtang Yoga Philosophy, following Vedic path while discharging moral duties honestly.

You see in the ancient times there were gurukuls and hardly there was any case which was being seen where any person became corrupt, devil etc. because the acharya(preacher) had built their good character first then they started to preach.

K Guruprasad: Crores of Pranams Maharajji on your lotus feet. I received the lyrics of the wonderful bhajan “Srishti ko rachne wale..”. It was a wonderful feeling to receive your letter, for the first time. We thank you very much for the same. Yesterday, I was reading your book on Vedanta and Eternal vedas Philosophy (First part). I’m confused little bit on “Tatwam Asi”. The objective, I could understand “You are also the same truth, i.e your body will get destroyed and your soul remains”, but would be greatful if you can explain the slokas before this so that rishi concludes on this word “Tatwam Asi”. With crores of pranams. K.Guruprasad.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son to get progress.
The meaning of Tatwam Asi is Tat= That, Tvam= You, Asi = are. That is “you are that”.
It is an Upnishad preach of a Rishi telling to his disciple (son) that- you are that. Here, the meaning of that is soul. But against the fundamental law of Vedas of Traitwad, present several gurus state that meaning of Tat as God. You see that soul or any person can never be God.