Shan: Pranam Guruji.. Aap ka health kaise hai guruji…Guruji naam jaap karte samay Sidhasan mei hei baytna hai? Ya sukhasan mei bayt kar dhyan kar sakte hai? Thank you guruji..

Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. Main pehle se theek hoon. Dhanyawad. Naam jaap ke liye waise to siddhasan shreshth asan hai phir bhi jisko jo asan achcha lagey, weh us asan par baithkar naam jaap karein.

Abhishek: Pranam Guruji, First of all, I extend my gratitude and regards to you for providing ‘vedik margdarshan’ to the queries/doubts of persons like me. In the past too, I benefited a lot from your advise and expect that others are also having the same feeling for you. Guruji, this time I m confused in taking one decision for some modification in my house. In fact , I am having planter outside my bedroom having good plantation. But so many pigeons are residing there and used to spawn regularly. Some little birds grown up but some died due to any reason and lying there untill we clear off the space. As per my observation nearly 20-25 eggs or little birds spoiled/died every year. My wife suggested to cover the space so that they can not spawn again and again. Some relatives also suggested that Pigeons residing in your home lead to some illness or bad waves in your home. But i am having the feeling that ‘Ghar sabka hai’ and not doing anything but it also hearts when eggs spoiled or little birds died. What should i do in such situation.

Swami Ram Swarup: My heartiest blessings to you. Thanking you, please. Pigeons and other birds who take shelter can only be provided with shelter or roof where some rays daily kill the germs. Secondly, medical advice in such cases may be taken from the concerned doctor and under their advice, some antibiotic medicine can be sprayed and daily cleanliness of that place should be carried out. Only this advice, may stop the heart feeling death of the birds.

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