Anonymous: Swami ji, I continuously have thoughts and dreams of suicide. It started with a spirit game. I see people around me and think they are at liberty to do what they like but why mind is dominating me. Where and how I could not live happily? What papam I did? Why unfortunate I am in receiving God’s grace? Can I ignore these thoughts. Though they come but still I do what I like without any fear?
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my son. Fear is generated only when a person is indulged in falsehood/illusion. You have watched falsehood of the game pertaining to spirit. In Vedas-shastras, Geeta, Ramayan there is no such spirit game and the same is totally merged in illusion creating falsehood. Naturally, the scene has affected your heart in your childhood. Similarly, if the game would have pertained to bravery, spiritualism etc., then you could experience pleasure. So, first of all, you try to understand that the effect made on your mind is totally false and your firm decision would enable you to wash out your false picture/effect. This is you only who can do the said task. Illusion is overcome by attaining true knowledge. A light of true knowledge has been quoted above by which you can wash your mind. Secondly, I would advice you to do havan with Gayatri mantra which is necessary for you which will wash out bad effect in your mind because in the mantra there is a prayer to enlighten mind with truth. The procedure of performing havan is as under-

How to do havan

Please sit in the morning to perform havan. Havan must be in sunlight then it is more beneficial. Then half a bowl of fresh water with a tablespoon must be with you with small twigs especially of mango tree if possible, havan samagri, ghee, camphor and match box must be there with you. Please sit on sukh asan on four times folded blanket and blanket must be on mat.

Sukh asan i.e., sit on duly folded feet in comfortable position. Then first close your eyes and concentrate between two eyebrows and chant Gaytri mantra three times within heart and not by mouth. Then open your eyes.

Take one spoon of water in right palm. Chant this mantra, OM AMRTO UPASTRANMASI SWAHA and drink the water which you have put in your palm. Then again take the spoon of water in right palm then chant the next mantra, OM AMRITA APIDHANMASI SWAHA, and drink the water. Then again take the water in right palm and chant the mantra, OM SATYAM YASHAH SHRI MAYI SHRI SHRAYTAAM SWAHA, and drink the water. Then wash the right palm while sitting, with the same water kept in bowl.

Then put the twigs into havan kund with one piece of camphor and burn it. During this process chant the Gaytri mantra again and again till such time the fire is lighted sufficiently. Then chant the Gaytri mantra and at the last add the word Swaha and offer ghee with tablespoon, quantity equivalent to 4 to 5 drops. And if you are alone then also offer in fire pinch of havan samagri from your right hand’s finger and thumb avoiding forefinger. So this offering may be of 11 times, 21 times or 51 times as the time suits. It is the simplest way and I have not quoted the complete method of Yajna. The havan with Ved mantras are always offered as the best worship of God only please. Do havan daily and both times.

Please, also clarify about the word ‘Mokku. You are advised to live always fearlessly. There are three types of sins-
1. Mansa:- that is to think about committing sins in mind.
2. Vacha:- to utter/say about committing sin.
3. Karmanna:- to commit sin.

So, one should always avoid to even think about committing suicide.

If a person lives happily, it is his own hard struggle in the life and if a person lives unhappily, it is the effect of his sins which, due to his laziness, he can’t overcome. So, you live always fearlessly. God has awarded human-body to live long, happy life.

Pankaj: Please send me the Amavasya and Purnmasi and Ekadasi mantras with Hindi meaning.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. The meanings of the mantras are being sent to you, by post. Please, also convey my blessings to your parents for attaining good health early.

Nidhi: Swamiji pranam. Thank you very much for answering to my previous questions. I have a few more questions and some requests:
1) It is said that the meditation of Rishi Vishwamitra was broken by an apsara sent by Indra. Is this authentic? If not what is the actual version?
2) What was the relationship between Shri Krishna and Radha? It is said they were lovers but Shri Krishna did not marry her and she was married to someone else. Is this true? If not what is the correct story / fact?
3) There is so much misconception about Vedic Astrology as you have clarified in some of the previous answers. Would like to request you to publish a book which clarifies what is actually written in the Vedas under the topic of Astrology. Also request you to post some writings on your website also regarding the same.
4) Is it possible to send books by post to locations outside of India too?
Thanking you in advance for your response.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter.
1. In Valmiki Ramayan, it is mentioned that Rishi Vishwamitra lived with Ghritachi and the idea of Ghritachi may be Menka.

2. . Radha actually was Sri Krishna Maharaji’s cousin of far relation. So, how could marriage take place? Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj had great respect for Radha.

3. Your views are appreciated and I shall try to write accordingly.

4. Yes, please. Several books have been sent to various countries of the world on demand. As regards Vedic literature, written by me by grace of God, the list is on the site.

You are welcome, my daughter.