Anonymous: Is God responsible for bad deeds on the world….as assuming human is just character?
Swami Ram Swarup: In this regard, I paste some of my articles below:-


Rigveda mantra 1/164/20 states (SUPARNNA) having brilliant, shinning wings (SAYUJA) having related with each-other (SAKHAYA) like friends (DWA) two birds (SAMAANAM VRIKSHAM) at the same tree (PARISHASVAJATE) live i.e., there are two birds who live on a tree. Here two birds mean one soul and other is Almighty God. (TYOHO) between them (ANYAHA) one (PIPALAM) ripened fruit of the tree (ATTI) eats (SWADU) with taste and (ANYAHA) another bird (ANSHNAT) not eating the fruit (ABHI, CHAKSHEETI) is drishta i.e., who looks only.

Meaning: Here the tree is human body, who like a tree gets destroyed one day. In the human body, Almighty God as well as soul reside. Soul faces the result of his good and bad deeds through human-body whereas Almighty God only witnesses all the deeds of human-beings. So Almighty God is only Drishta i.e., one who sees. Therefore, there are three eternal matters- Almighty God, Soul and prakriti. Almighty God and soul are alive matters and prakriti is non-alive. All non-alive matters of universe like sun, moon, air, water etc., are made by God from prakriti. God is eternal truth so neither God is made from any matter nor any matter is made from God.


God is merciful that is why He created the universe and according to our deeds God gives us human body to attain salvation. Actually His mercy is showered upon us in the shape of knowledge of four Vedas without which nobody can become learned and happy. But His mercy is never showered on those who do sins, bad deeds etc. God has unlimited names based on His divine qualities. One name of God is also “Rudra”. Rudra means He makes people to cry/weep when He gives punishment to face the sins etc. So death and birth, pleasure and sorrows etc., are due to the result of our previous lives’ deeds please. One thing more that God never forgives those who commit sins, until we take full shelter of eternal knowledge of Vedas.

Ravindra: Poojya swamiji I want to perform my daughter’s marriage. But the boy wants to demolish his old house and construct a new house. Some of the pundits are saying both rituals cannot be done simultaneosly. Now I am in dilemma becuase my daughter’s marriage may be abnormally delayed. So please advise on the rules of marriage and house construction as per Hindu dharma shastras.
Yours benevolently.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. In the universe, there are two types of worship, path etc. One is God- made, which is called Vedic path and second is man- made. So, whatever pandits are saying about the construction of house etc. that matter does not exist in Vedas. So, learned of Vedas, Rishi-munis, Yogis do not accept it, being against the Vedas. So, both the pious deeds i.e., construction of house and marriage can be carried out. Rest is on your discretion.

Anonymous: Respected guruji, If somebody has committed such actions or karmas( sins) that the person is feeling so much guilty and shameful. The person can neither live nor die thinking about it daily. From morning to night. In the society also, it is considered as an action of shame. The person cannot tell about those Sequence of actions to anybody in the lifetime. What should be done to prevent the thinking of ending the life? The family is thinking that the person (woman or man) is good being unknown about the actions committed. How can that person remove the thoughts of guilt when others think him/her as good person but otherwise criticizes those actions Very strongly. With regards
Swami Ram Swarup: Feeling of guilty and shamefulness will do nothing until the person repents in the manner that he will never do sin in future in whole of his life. So, the person should follow the vedic path and do havan/agnihotra daily with ved mantras under the guidance of learned of Vedas and should pray God daily in the end of the agnihotra that may God forgive him for his sin. So at this stage the fear will be destroyed and question of neither live nor die will be automatically finished and person can start his new pious life and criticism etc., will not arise.