R J: Namaste, I have got all the books that you mentioned in English.
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaste. You are most welcome, please. Really, I shall feel personal pleasure if you go through the books because I’m sure books shall give you immense knowledge and would help you to destroy illusion, misunderstanding as regards religion, sects, etc.

Arya: Swmiji Namaskar, Mara man Ma janan na ki isha ha ki “Paschatap ka haota ha?” “Isa kasa kara jata ha?” jasa apna kaha pap waha ha jo ved virudh ho to muja batia -ved paschtap ka bara ma kya khata ha? kya paschtap kisi samya antaral ka hota ha ? .’. Hamara mahan Rishi Muni huya ha, who bi paschtap ka bara ma kahata ha To muja ya bataya ki – Paschtap karna sa kya lab hota ha? Ma bhe karna chata hu. Mana Satyarth-Parkash pada ha wha MAHARSHI DAYADANAND SARSWATI is bara ma kuch be nahi kahata ha. To krpya kara ka muja Purn thatya (FACT) sa ,Vistar sa is bata ko samjhaya. Ma apka bhaut abhari rahu ga. & SWAMI JI (AS YOU STATE -“Here, we are the only one’s to take the final decision, either to accept the mind’s inspiration to do sin or to accept our(soul’s) own voice to not to commit sin.” ) Then my dout is arise Who I am ? Because as you state I have to take decision. “Is here The SOUL is GOD”
I am confused in One State of styarth-parkash like this where Swami dayanand says “21. A’tma (at – to pervade) is One who pervades the soul as well as the material universe” Kindly explane me Dhanyawad. Charnspars
Swami Ram Swarup: Namaskar. In this regard, I paste my articles –


Repentance is the best way to kill the effect of sins. Repentance means to follow the Vedic path and to take a vow that the sins will never be repeated in the life.


If someone has done sin/mistake, realises it and repents it not to do it again in future by taking firm decision than the aspirant will be considered a real devotee. In this case, though the God will not forgive him for his previous sins but God has made a path of performing yajyen, name jaap and practice of ashtang yoga philosophy under guidance of a learned acharya. It is called a real worship of God and its regular practice will burn all the previous as well as present life’s sins.

Prayshchit means if the defaulter repents and takes firm decision not to repeat the sin again in life. In addition, he should pray to God to seek forgiveness by performing daily Yajyen with ved mantras. I would advice you to start the yajyen daily with Gayatri mantra and do Gayatri jaap. As regards havan, there is a book written by me named Yajyen Karma Sarvashreshth Ishwar Pooja (in Hindi) worth Rs.65/-, excluding postal charges, which explains the procedure to do havan along with meaning of each mantra. There is also a VCD available explaining procedure to do havan. It can be sent on receipt of your postal address, if you desire.

Mujhe kushi hai ki aap ne samjha ki paap weh hai jo Ved ke khilaf karma kiya jaata hai. Parantu ab thoda aura age sochein ki jab tak hum ved vidya nahin suneigey ya ved par adharit vidwaan ki pustakain nahin padeingey tab tak yeh kaisey samajh mein ayega ki kaunsa shubh karma ved ke anusaar hai aur kaunsa paap karma ved ke khilaf hai.

Isliye mera aapko sujhav hai kee kuch vedic pustakon ke adhyayan karein. Neechey ek list likhee hai, aap us mein se select Karin aur agar aapki ichcha hogee to yeh kitabein aapke postal address milne par aapko bhej dee jahyeingee.

Aur jo insaan pashchataap karta hai who bhawishya mein us galati ko dohrata

nahin hai aur yeh to spasht ho jaata hai ki jab galati nahin dohrayega to paap nahin karega to us paap ka phal jo dukh hota hai, us dukh ko nahin bhogega, prayashchit ka yeh phayeda hota hai.

Mera aapko ashirwad.

Vedas tell about Traitwad. Traitwad means there are three eternal, immortal, everlasting matters. That is, Alive God and souls, third is non-alive matter Prakriti. When a small power of Almighty God acts in Prakriti then only creation starts. Human body is also made of five matters of Prakriti- Agni(fire), vayu(air), jal(water), Akash(space), Prithivi(earth). Soul resides in Prakriti made human-body. So, soul is separate and human-body is separate. Human-body consists of five senses- eye, ear, nose, skin and tongue, five organs of action which are outer organs of body. human-body also consists of inner fabric which are called mind, intellect, chitta (faculty which receives knowledge from five senses and passes the same intellect is called Chitta and Chitta stores the effect of various karmas to be faced by soul in future at a proper time), ahankar(power of realizing ourself)

Soul takes assistance of all the said matters to deal with worldly affairs/worship etc. soul is the king of the senses, perceptions, intellect, mind etc. original form of soul is that he is the purest, away from illusion, learned, self-sufficient. Soul needs nothing but is bound due to his good and bad deeds and due to the attraction towards prakriti made worldly materialistic articles, soul forgets his original form. In these circumstances, soul obeys the sinful orders of mind and intellect and is indulged in doing sins and bears sorrows, depression, sickness etc. but when soul meets with learned Vedic acharya and listens to Vedas, does eternal worship then soul knows his original form. In this situation, soul gives pious orders to the mind and intellect to follow and never obeys the sinful orders of mind and intellect. Then only a person, gets permanent peace by destroying all the illusion. But those who follow the advise of any learned acharya and even try to control over anger, pride, jealousy etc., by taking firm decision( soul’s firm decision and not of mind and intellect), they get success that is why I wrote in my previous E-Mail that one can take his own decision (decision of soul).

So, soul is not God.

The idea of Swami Dayanandji to tell atma is Parmatma i.e., Almighty God. Almighty God enters the universe as well as soul. That is God resides in every atom of non-alive matter of universe as well as alive matters of souls. In several instances, the meaning of atma is also soul. So, a learned of Vedas sees the Vedic mantra carefully and based on the divine qualities of God as well as souls, he decides as to where the meaning of atma is to be put as God and where it is to be attributed as soul. For example:- in Hindi, the meaning of ‘ Paye’ is water as well as milk. So, in the sentence, the learned carefully decides the real meaning.

My blessings to you.

Anonymous: Aap ke shub charnon mein pranaam guruji, Recently I attended my dadaji’s yearly kaam, (he has passed away a year ago Feb 2010). In this yearly kaam, pind was taken out and with shrad pooja along with food taken out for the dearly departed. We also performed hawan, where only 2 Ved mantra’s were used, all other’s were Puraan based. Geeta part/ recital was also done. I had to attend this as it was the request of my parents. I had taken oath, that I would be attending this only to serve and obey my parents wish. I already know all this pind/shind, is bakwaas and against the Vedas knowledge.

My issue is that is frustrates me deeply the amount of people that attended all believing this is true and all followed purohit’s orders giving him lots of money for the service performed. It frustrates me that people are under so much illusion and cloud and refuse to believe anything that is different from what all other people do. They are like sheep, following each other, wanting to outdo each other with bhakti, trying to show, how good they are by performing the best murti pooja, inviting the most people, serving the best food…. it is all a show in the name of Sanatan Dharam. It is clearly a business that is run by pandits/purohits worldwide, where they make lots of money for this service.

It frustrates me that I cannot start telling everyone what they’re doing is baseless man-made propaganda, as I will be a outcast in the family/relatives, it frustrates me, then even if you know something about the truth (Vedas), no-one is prepared to listen and absorb the truth, because they are so deep in illusion and busy copying each other. No one cares.

What can I do about this frustration ? How to control it? It seems that in this day and age, if one takes the Vedic path, then they are an outcast in society. Bahaut Dhanaywaad Guruji, Pranaam.
Swami Ram Swarup: Mera aapko ashirwad. Based on the eternal knowledge of Vedas, shradh pooja is not required to be performed.

In this connection, I paste-

Anna Daan/Shradh to departed soul

Vedas are eternal knowledge which emanate direct from God at the beginning of every universe. Being the knowledge direct from God, each statement of Ved mantra is also eternal truth.

Thirty-ninth chapter of Yajurveda states about death. The soul when leaves the human body remains under control of a divine air named “Sutratma vayu”. Mantras tell that after wandering unconsciously for thirteen days in the space and planets like Sun, moon, etc., soul comes again on this earth inside the vegetation. Then either the soul enters the male living being’s body according to pious deeds and sins through pores or is duly mixed within vegetation and taken by a male person. Then the soul takes rebirth through parents.

This process is an eternal truth. However, if soul is religious and has done hard tapasya then the soul gets salvation. Only soul has to face the result of previous lives’ deeds through living being’s body. Since soul is alive whereas body is non-alive matter. So body does not face the result of deeds. When soul has gone out of body then how the soul will see, hear, taste, smell or touch or will be benefited of any pious deed etc.? therefore Vedas do not tell about the present system of shradh, etc.

However, the pious deeds done to remember the departed soul by means of devotion or organizing the holy Yajyen with Ved mantras, its result never goes in vain and the family is benefited.

Departed soul never meets again please. Even departed soul, when take rebirth, forgets every event of his previous life. As regards dreams Atharvaveda states that dreams of departed soul are not good so it is in your interest and welfare that you do not see dreams.

As is also stated in Samveda mantra 98, 369, the real Yajyen is only the Yajyen which is performed by reciting only the Ved mantras.

To take part in falsehood and to get frustration etc., it is better that one never takes part in such function. However, the decision rests on one’s own will but Vedas always tell truth. In this connection, Samveda mantra 249, 250, 253, 255,382 also refer.

Yes, people, due to lack of Vedas’ knowledge, are bound to follow the person who spreads illusion. Today, I was reading newspaper in which Bhagwad Geeta Shloka 18/75 was described wrongly. In the said shloka, the person described that Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj is uttering the Geeta’s knowledge to Arjun, whereas the correct description is that Vyas muniji is telling the shloka to Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj but due to lack of knowledge of Sanskrit language and not listening to Vedas’ preach from learned acharya, naturally the ignorant and innocent public has no option except to accept falsehood.

Sanatan dharma means the dharma which is not made by human-beings. I’ve clearly described it in my book- Vedic Pravachan Sangrah part I (in Hindi). So, sanatan Dharma is infact Vedas’ knowledge which emanates directly from God. It has not been written by any Rishi-muni or ordinary human-being. It is eternal and everlasting. Yes, people have made their own path to earn the money. So, several saints on this earth are only professional.

I agree with you that no one is now ready to listen to eternal truth. Still, we being always polite inspite of anger and objection from others, should try to speak out our Vedic thoughts because truth prevails always.

You may also try to distribute my Vedic literature and spiritual Cds, if possible. The literature and Cds can be dispatched to you from here. My blessings to you.