R S: Swami, with your blessings I am doing very well and started havan with Gayatri mantra both times, do one page reading, naam jaap. I have not started yoga/pranayam which I will start very soon. I want to know whatever I am doing my husband will also get benefited by it? Once again thank you for showing me the right path.

R S: Swami, with your blessings I am doing very well and started havan with Gayatri mantra both times, do one page reading, naam jaap. I have not started yoga/pranayam which I will start very soon. I want to know whatever I am doing my husband will also get benefited by it? Once again thank you for showing me the right path.
Swami Ram Swarup: My dear daughter, I am really very happy that a person having calibre like you has understood the eternal voice of Almighty God in the shape of Vedas and thus has started daily havan with Ved mantras. Havan/Yajyen is the best pious deed of the world as stated by Yask Muni also. My blessings are always with you for a long, happy life. God will sure give you strength to continue practice of yoga philosophy also in the near future. Your husband will sure get the worldly benefits but to get the spiritual benefit, I would also advise him to cooperate with you and to participate in eternal holy worship of God i.e., havan. Again, My blessings to you.
I would also advise you to exercise, control your mind and intellect, to be away always from anger, greed, pride, sensuality, etc. One must take the firm decision to avoid the said enemies. Then only God helps. If one would not do hard work in the said field then God also does not help in the matter. That is why, it is said God helps those who help themselves.

Rohit Kumar: Respected guruji, I am a practising advocate. Please tell me what I should do to have a flourishing professional practice.
Swami Ram Swarup: Vedas have taught us to get progress in pious worldly deeds, science etc., as well as in spiritualism. Sri Ram, Mata Sita, Vyas Muniji and his family, King Harishchandra and his family etc., are the unlimited examples of ancient times who attained progress in both the ways as said above. I mean to say, you are in worldly field and are getting progress. First you have completed your worldly education and as per Vedas now you have started your earning to live upon. So, being a worldly progress, naturally God is pleased. Now, please also try to get progress in spiritualism as well. Spiritualism means that one should also listen/read Vedic spiritual books, should do holy name jaap of God daily, do daily havan even with Gayatri mantra sitting on sukhasan, siddhasan or padmasan, with closed eyes must concentrate in between two eyebrows and must recite Gayatri mantra with its meaning daily. Its result will enable you to discharge your duties of advocate well to earn the money well.

Vedas tell that one must always take reasonable benefit in his line otherwise how would he be able to live upon and discharge his duties and exercise his obligations well. So, you must also get the benefit of your profession to live upon well. One has to do hard work and shun laziness etc., in both the fields, say Vedas. My blessings are always with you for a long, happy life.
S: Namastay guruji. I am 2 months pregnant. What are the precautions to be taken? I have hypothyroid problem. What are preferred books that a pregnant lady should read? Kindly suggest me.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you, my daughter.

Tips for Pregnancy

It is said in four Vedas that “Mother is the creator of child’s future.” It is in her hands that how she builds her child’s future by adopting good spiritual preaches, which are all mentioned in four Vedas. Some of the aforesaid preaches are written here. Always be cheerful, wear pious ornaments, wear quite light coloured clothes and not dark, should keep peace in her mind, think welfare of others, should serve her Acharya/Guru (who knows Vedas), avoid such things which can cause anxiety to her. She should not take stale food, dry food like fried vegetables etc. She should not go in haunted house, cremation ground, shouldn’t stand under the tree at night, shouldn’t get annoyed, or shout. Try to be in happy-pleasant mood all times because this all affects the baby to be a wise.
When a baby is in womb then mother’s every action plays important role in building child’s physique. For child’s physical and mental growth, a mother should be careful about her eating habits and way of living so that it should not affect the child in anyway.

At this stage, simple living and high thinking counts. At this stage mother should recite Gayatri mantra and repeat the name of God both times and read spiritual books because it makes the future of baby bright. Good sceneries and spiritual photos must be seen and baseless photos, baseless talk must be avoided.

Don’t sit on heels. Do not go up and down. Asan on which you sit should be soft. Don’t try to restrain the flow of bathroom, toilet, gas, etc. Do not do work hard. Do not take hot and heavy eatables, also do not starve yourself. Don’t see the shallow regions like trenches, gorges, pits anything which is deep like well, etc.

Pregnant lady should not put her body to motion frequently. Her body should be kept at rest position as far as possible. Always look at good things and not ugly sights, listen good preach etc. Do not lie on back, lie on body side.

Do not take non-vegetarian food. Food having addiction should be avoided. Deeds which our perceptions and organs restrain to do, immediately leave that deed in all respect. Food should be simple, juicy and tasty.

When mother enters in 5th month the mind of child is more active, in 6th month intellect, in 7th organs are developed. So a mother should do pious deeds because every action of mother affects the unborn baby unknowingly.

In 8th month, a pregnant lady has two hearts. One heart is her own and the other is of the baby. In this month special attention is to be given so a mother should be very much careful about it.
For good growth of child and a mother following things can be adopted:
1. In 1st month plain, cold milk should be taken. Take beneficial and nutritive food.
2. In second month lady should take milk having medicinal qualities (in which you can put elayachi, chhuara, etc.) after sieving you can have it.
3. In 3rd month take 2 small tablespoon of honey and 1 small tablespoon of ghee in milk. NOTE —-NEVER TAKE IN EQUAL PROPORTION BECAUSE IT IS FATAL.
4. In 4th month mix one tola (app. 10gms) of fresh butter in milk.
5. In 5th have milk with ghee in it.
6. In 6th and 7th month have milk with kishmish, elayachi, chhuara etc. (these all are applicable if digested, otherwise take advice from physician to take better food.)
7. In 7th month, the pregnant lady experiences itching in her skin specially on her womb’s skin. As far as possible she should tolerate it and should restrain from using her nails over the effected area. She should apply the extract of sandal wood and lotus over her breast and stomach. Other option is that she may apply the mustard oil prepared by boiling sirs’s peel, flower of guava, mustard seeds, mulathi, (these are all medicinal herbs mentioned in Atharvaveda.)

In case itching is not tolerated then she may casually apply her hand over the effected area. Restrain eating sour, bitter, fried food, use less salt, have sweet food and lot of water (at least more than 15 glasses a day). Do not let yourself be effected by constipation. So to avoid constipation have milk with Gulkand.

Please pay attention to these advices because these lead to formation of sanskars on the child, which have a great importance to make child’s future. There are 16 sanskars in human life which are mentioned in our eternal four Vedas.

Human body is blessed by God to attain the salvation during family life and while discharging all duties of family. We should do pious deeds such as Yajyen, yoga practice. In the past three yugas dignities like Vyas Muni, Shri Ram, Mata Sita, Shri Krishna, all did Yajyen, yoga practice while living in their family life and doing their respective duties towards Acharya, family, nation etc., and at last they achieved their goal of salvation. So we too should adopt this eternal, Vedic and pious path to achieve the same. Again it is in the hands of a mother to build a good and shining future for her child.

For hypothyroidism, you should first take medical advice. Secondly, always take boiled water after it has been cooled. Take plenty of water daily, chant daily Gayatri mantra both times sitting on any suitable asan. You should also chew 4-5 soft guava tree leaves (that which have been washed properly) empty stomach in the morning.

You must also read holy books preferably Vedic books. Must do daily havan with Gayatri mantra both times daily to get a pious and the best result of getting your baby with his long, happy life.