R K D: What I will do after retirement from bank service,because I cannot seat idle?
Swami Ram Swarup: The main motto of our life is to listen Vedas , worship of God according to Vedas, to do daily hawan by ved mantras, name jaap of God daily and to learn and do practice of ashtang yoga daily under the guidance of learned acharya of Vedas. It is seen that most of the people due to the lack of knowledge of Vedas have forgotten to achieve the said main motto of the life. So,I would advise you to do daily worship of God and study vaidic culture to attain peace in life. It is seen that practice make man perfect so if a person right from the beginning from the childhood do not follow the vaidic path yet he should try now, say God in Vedas. In the last, I will advise you that if still you are not interested to do the above quoted pious task then you may contact with society who serve the public socially or you can do any kind of business which you like.

Ashtabhuja: Thank you for sending books but I am not receiving the book titled:
2. Manav Dharma Shiksha. Instead I have received the book sandhya mantra. Thanking you.
Swami Ram Swarup: Thank you please. You are most welcome. I am sorry the book “Manav Dharam Shiksha” is out of stock. We are trying to get it reprinted. As soon as it is printed it will be sent to you.

Sewak: Charan Sparsh SWAMI JI,I am regular read of your site, I will be thankful to you, please teach me meaning of each word of 6, 7 and 8th mantra of Danik Yag (agni hotra). Again Charan Sparsh and Dandovat Vandana.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you.

I thank you that you are regular reader of this vaidic site. May God give you long, happy life. I give you the following meaning as asked by you. However, I would like to advise you to read my book “Yajyen Karma- Sarvashreshtha Ishwar Pooja” in which all meaning of each word along with idea of mantra has been mentioned.

(Rigveda mantra 10/121/10)
(prajapate) prajapati, prajapati means he who protects and nurses the praja, i.e., public, (na) not; (tvadetaanyanyo) tvat+anyaha, tvat means from you, anya means another; (ta) those; (etani) these; (vishwa) all; (jatani) all the created matters of the world; (na)not; (pari) lord/master; (babhoov) does; (yat) for which; (kaamaha)desire; (te)for you; (juhumaha) we offer; (tat) he, i.e., God; (naha) for us; (astu) fulfilled; (vayam) we; (syam) become; (patyaha) master; (rayeennam) of assets/money.

Meaning –
This is a prayer to god. Oh! God you protect all the public. There is none other than you who can be a master of all the created matters of the world. i.e., there is one God who creates the universe and is its Lord.

So Oh! God may all our desires, for which we pray to you, be fulfilled. May we become the owner of assets/money.

Idea –
Oh God, you are the master of this universe. All the materials in this world – food grains, gold, silver, sun, moon, human body etc, are created by you alone and you are the only Lord/owner of all the matters. No body can create, or take these goods without your consent.

We worship you as described in Vedas and pray you to kindly fulfill all our wishes and give us all these materials to prosper and lead a happy life.


(Triteeya) in the highest third stage (Dhaman) i.e. God (yatra) where (Devaha) the learned of Vedas (Adhyairayanta) walk freely (Aanshanaha) to obtain (Amritam) everlasting pleasure i.e., salvation (Sah) He i.e., the God (Naha) is our (Bandhuhu) like our brother, (Janita) creator of universe. (Sah) He (Vidhata) beholds us and awards the results of our deeds. He (Ved) knows (Vishwa) all (bhuvnani) universe and all beings.
Meaning –
In the highest third stage i.e., God where the learned of Vedas walk freely to obtain everlasting pleasure i.e., salvation, He, the God is like our brother, creator of universe. He beholds us and awards the result of our deeds. He knows all universe and all beings.
Idea –
There are three matters in Vedas- Souls, Prakriti and Almighty God. The said three matters are always separate from each other. Therefore in the mantra, the meaning of Triteeya is the third and third is God. Why God? Because soul is alive and remains in human body and worships God to attain salvation. Prakriti is non-alive, it neither worships nor attains salvation. So the third matter i.e., the Almighty God is the purest, alive and immortal. The learned yogi therefore worships the God according to Vedas to attain salvation. God knows all the beings and all creation. He is the creator therefore everybody must worship the Formless, Almighty, Omnipresent God who creates, nurses and destroys the universe.

( Yajurveda mantra 40/16)
(Dev) he who gives all happiness (Agne) who is remembered first amongst all or who remains always first thereafter the creation starts i.e., God (Te) yours (Bhooyishtham) utmost (Namah) with respect (Uktim) praise (Vidhem) do (Vidwan) Oh! Knower of all knowledge/wisdom (Asmat) from us (Juhurannam) cruelty (Enaha) of sinful deeds (Yuyodhi) keep away (Asman) to us (Raye) to get wealth (Supatha) by pious path (Vishwani) all (Vayunani) the superb knowledge (Naya) please give.
Meaning –
Oh! God you give us all the happiness. We praise you with utmost humility and respect. Oh! Knower of all knowledge (Vidwan) kindly keep us away from cruelty and all sinful deeds. Kindly provide us with superb knowledge through pious path to give us the wealth.
Idea –
After getting human life, the soul confronts two types of paths named as “Shreya” and “Preya”. “Shreya” means true path/right path/pious path and “Preya” means bad path/sinful path. The soul has several qualities out of which one is of “attachment/to make contact”. After taking birth in human life, as mentioned above, soul confronts two paths out of which he attaches to anyone. God has also blessed humans with mind. So the pure minded, good person always makes contact with or follows ‘Shreya’ (pious path) and impure minded person makes contact with or follows ‘Preya’ (sinful path). Thus, the pious person by following the vedic/religious path under guidance of an Acharya always does pious deeds and the other indulges in sinful deeds because he does not go to any learned Acharya of Vedas and Yoga philosophy to take pious advice for a long, happy life. When the pious person takes advice of Acharya and listens to Vedas and spiritual preach, does Yajyen, name jaap and practice of Yoga philosophy etc., he discharges all his moral duties regularly and thus the pious, true qualities are originated in his heart and mind day by day, he then becomes pure. The bad/sinful impressions or influences of previous lives’ bad deeds on the mind are destroyed. Then we actually do the real worship of God with our pure heart. Therefore, we pray to God to give us pure mind to follow right path as per above quoted Yajurveda mantra.