Anonymous: Dear Guruji, Recently I have read about Nishkraman Sanskar. Is this Sanskar for the baby only or for both the baby and mother? Also, different resources say differently about the timing for conducting the Sanskar – some say 108 days, some say after the 3rd month and some say within 12 days up to 4th month after birth. What’s the correct timing? Thank you so much.
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. The sanskars are meant for soul whether the soul is in the male or female body. Because the respected mother has given birth to the baby so, sanskar is also applicable to the mother. The Nishkramann Sanskar is performed after completion of 60 days.

Agniveer: Hello swamiji, Please do debate with Swami Vivekanand Parivrajak of Rojad?
Swami Ram Swarup: If somebody will organize and arrange the debate and would invite me for the same then I would sure participate.

Pankaj: Namastay guruji, insaan k Sharir main lakho (veins) nadiyaa hoti hai. aaur sabhi nadiyoon ka control bhagwan me pass hora hai. insaan k dimaag ki nadi Jo bhagwaan ki control main hai who kaun so hai matalabh main USS nadi ka naam jaan na cha ta hu?
Swami ramswarup: Namasteji.

I think I have already replied. Death and birth is controlled by God. A person gets birth based on his previous lives good and bad deeds. God gives the result of all previous lives deeds (prarabdh) to face in this present life.

Now, pay your attention seriously that all human-beings are free to do any kinds of deeds in the life whether good or bad. Isliye dimaag kee naadi aadi ka koi prashan nahi hai. Manushya apnee mann aur buddhi se koi bhi achchha-bura karma karne ke liye azaad hai. Parantu yeh dhyaan rahe ki achchhe karma ka phal punnya aur bure karma ka phal paap Ishwar deta hai. Insaan ke hath mein karma ka phal prapt karna nahi hai. Phal Ishwar hee deta hai. Isliye manushya azaad hokar bahut bure- bure karma bhi karta hai aur badle mein Parmatma bhi insaan ko kodi, andha, angheen, paagal , kusht rogi aur bhayankar- bhayankar rog dekar athwa bhayankar- bhayankar mrityu dekar usko bura phal deta hai. Yeh bat insaan kee samajh mein tub tak nahi aati jub tak weh ved vidya nahi sunta.