Hari: Do virus, bacterias, etc have soul if yes then how they are living in our body? And how are the souls than ours and will they get opportunity of human birth?
Swami Ram Swarup: Where there is self-movement in any matter that matter contains soul. So, every virus, bacteria is soul. Body is shelter for bacteria etc., to live therein. Soul is not different of any living being. Soul has ever opportunity to come in human body under the administration of Almighty God.

Prabhakar: Ak samay me ham kitne chalisa pad sakte hi?
Swami Ram Swarup: Jitnee jiskee zyada power hai aur time hai, weh zyada pad sakta hai, jiskee kam power hai, weh kam padega.

Vasanti: What is the importanace of 1 to 9 no. in sankhya shastra? Please give me the answer in Marathi.
Swami Ram Swarup: Sorry I don’t know Marathi, please. As regards number actually such matters are not mentioned in Vedas. Therefore, learned of Vedas always neglect all those matters which do not exist in Vedas. Actually deeds are important. If we do good deeds God will give us good result in shape of happiness, pleasure etc. If we do sins then we’ll have to face the sorrows. So numbers, kaal sarp yog, mangalik dosh, vaastu Shastra, present palmistry, navgrah poojan etc., are not mentioned in Vedas.