Manmohan: Respected swamiji, sadar parnam, I humbly request your kind advise on the followings

1. whether vastu shastra is as per theprovision of vedas. Vastu people puts so many restriction in the purchase of a house/flat. practically it seems very difficult to comply in the present era ofmulti story flats and huge population. per the vedas what is adviseable for family living -to stay at ground floor or higher floor
Swami Ram Swarup: (1) No, please. Vastu Shastra is notas per Vedas. So, one should never worry about it. The house etc., which havealready been constructed under advise of architect are good. Even self-made houses are also good, because we have to live-in to protect our self from summer, winter, rain etc. However, cross ventilation system should be kept in mind.

(2) In the ancient time also there were multistory building as is also mentioned in Valmiki Ramayan. So we can live in any floor. You see sorrows and happiness as stated in Yajurveda mantra 7/48 arethe result of our bad and good deeds of previous life respectively and not based on construction of a house.

K Hussain: Breathing is slowly decreased then what to do to go for next stage in dhyanam?
Swami Ram Swarup: I think you know there are three parts of Prannayam- Poorak, Kumbhak and Rechak. Poorak means to inhale. Kumbhak means to hold the breath. And Rechak means to release the breath. Slowly and steadily, the ratio being 1: 4 : 2.

If you are saying that while doing Rechak, breathing is slowly decreased then next prannayam for meditation is to be learnt. But, every prannayam and the method of meditation is learnt from any learned personally. So, you are advised to learn the same in person, locally. If your idea of telling “ that breathing is slowly decreased” is something else then please clarify to enable me to reply to you properly.

K: My son speaks only in words and that too not clear…others cannot understand him. Please suggest what should we do?
Swami Ram Swarup: You are advised to seek a learned acharya of Vedas, locally, and arrange for a yajyen/agnihotra, under his guidance , to make the child wear mekhla. It will sure give strength to your child to speak clearly. Secondly, also take advise from medical authorities in this regard.