Harshad: Pranam Guruji. I have gone through the knowledge provided by you in form of questions/answers. You have mentioned that Lord Krishna was not a God, rather He was a Yogeshwar. If Lord Krishna was not a God, then how come he can do the crime of stating that “Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya..”. Means “Jub Jub Dharm ki Glani hogi or adharma badhega, Me janma lunga”. If we assume that he was yogeshwar, then also how can he spread the wrong message that I will take birth “Yuge Yuge.”
Swami Ram Swarup: My blessings to you. In the matter of Avtarwad, we’ve to consider the fundamental laws of Vedas which states that Avtarwad is not possible. In this connection, I paste my article below. As regards the Bhagwad Geeta shloka 4/7, I’ve explained every shloka giving the full meaning and idea based on Vedic philosophy. The detailed comments have been printed along with each shloka of Bhagwad Geeta in my book named Bhagwad Geeta – Ek Vedic Rehasya – part I and part II (in Hindi) worth Rs. 400 each.

Each books contains 739 pages and 594 pages respectively. However, meaning of above quoted shloka in Roman Hindi is as under—


Meaning: – Oh! Arjun, belonging to clan of Bharatvanshis as and when harm is done to the religion or righteousness of the society and injustice, unrighteousness propagates all over, it is then that I create atma (take body). This is the meaning based only on wordings (literal meaning) but the secret of the shloka is –

Idea:- according to Rigveda mantra 10/129/7, God is the lord/master of Prakriti and souls. Yajurveda mantra 40/8 states God is pure and away from sins. Hence, no Yog maya or illusion can overpower God to force Him to take Avtar and then to suffer sorrows or enjoy happiness like ordinary human beings. Hence, God can never become soul and vice versa; say Vedas.
Yajurveda chapter 31, Atharvaveda kand 19, sukta 6, Samveda mantra 617 to 621 and Rigveda mantras 10/90/1-3 prove that prakriti comprising of three qualities viz Raj, Tam and Satva is non-alive whereas God and souls are alive matters. Moreover, the three matters – alive God, alive souls and non-alive prakriti are eternal.

The given shloka signifies that whenever there is downfall in pious deeds to be done according to Vedas and increase in irreligious deeds /sins, which are against Vedas then the idea of the above shloka is this that Sri Krishna Maharaj prays to God that God gives him power to take birth to kill the culprits Kauravas because fundamental law of Vedas clearly states that God never takes avtar.

Yes, Yogeshwar Shri Krishna Maharaj can never tell lie but the idea of the shloka based on eternal Vedic philosophy told by Yogeshwar Sri Krishna Maharaj is hardly understood which should sure be learnt from a Vedic acharya.

God is only one who creates the universe and no other can create the universe except God. Please think deeply is any one except God empowered for creation, etc.? The pious qualities of God are unlimited whereas qualities of soul, which resides in human body, are limited. That is why He is God. This fact is also mentioned by Rishi Patanjali in his Yog shastra sutra 1/24, “KALEASHKARAMVIPAKASHYAIHI APRAMRISHTAHA PURUSHVISHESHAHA ISHWARAHA” i.e., He who is not indulged in any sorrows/sufferings (kalesh), in any kind of deed (karma) and result thereof (vipakya), He is supreme in souls and is called Ishwar (God), whereas, soul is indulged in all the said matters according to deeds done in previous, and in the present life. So this is also a difference between God and souls and therefore soul can never be God based on the different qualities.

Amongst unlimited qualities of God, few may be enumerated-that God creates, nurses and destroys the universe. God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent and Almighty, beyond description, beyond imagination, and beyond calculation. Nobody on the earth can deny such qualities, but these qualities are to be discussed and considered deeply and he who does the same is called MUNI as per Vedas and shastras.

Let us think over one quality of God – Being Almighty. Almighty means God has all powers and thus God, to control the universe and to do any kind of deed for the same, can not be dependent on another, at any cost, being Almighty. Again shastras say, which is a true saying too, that there must be reason behind for any creation, matter etc. God is a reason to create the universe. Parents are the reason to give birth to a child. Ravana took Sita forcefully which became a reason for war between Shri Ram and Ravana etc. So as per Vedas there must be a reason of avtar and after studying eternal knowledge of Vedas and thinking deeply, there seems no reason to take avtar by Almighty God. As in Yajurveda mantra 2/26, so is in Shwetashwaropnishad shlok 6/8 wherein it is mentioned that there is no reason to form a God and thus God is also formless i.e., nobody can make God but God creates universe from non-alive prakriti. Secondly the said Upnishad says that the
deeds of God of creation, nursing, and destruction of universe are eternal, natural, and automatic. So naturally God needs no avtar to destroy Kalyug, earth, or devils etc., being Almighty i.e., God has all powers and is independent. Not God but only His powers are enough to control, create, nurse, destroy the universe. That is why Upnishad says that God has no desire to create etc., but it is eternal and natural and this sort of desire is named “IKSHAN” and not desire to create etc.

Suppose God has to kill a devil and He takes avtar and God kills the devils by arrow etc. It means God is not Almighty and independent because God has taken help of Avtar (Human body) and arrow, gun, etc., which is impossible.

This all I have told based on fundamental law of eternal knowledge of four Vedas. Yet if anybody says about avtar then it is their own views and they are satisfied with their views and can not be commented because they could have been realizing at their own but so far as eternal knowledge of Vedas is concerned, Avtar is not possible.

Shobhan: Swamiji,namaskar, There is a famous shloka in sanskrit which states’Asato ma satya tamaso ma jyotirgamya,mrityuorma amritamgamya’. Jesus says”I am the truth,I am the light of the world,I am the resurrection and the life and whosoever believes in me even if he dies he will live’. Swamiji,there is only one God who is same for whole mankind there is no separate God for Indians or Americans or anybody else. And if God is only one then why and how He would give so many ways to mankind to reach Him? Jesus says “I am the way to reach to the Father(God.) Jesus says one who is of truth he comes to me. We should seek the God with our whole heart and truth to attain moksha otherwise hell is for us for ever.
Swami Ram Swarup: The reply has already been sent to you, please. Yes, the shloka quoted by you is in Shathpath Brahmin Granth, shloka number is 14/4/1/32, “tamso Ma Jyotirgamayati” means Oh! Formless, omnipresent Almighty God kindly lead us from darkness to divine light. (Here darkness is death and jyoti is form of God). “Mrityurvai Tamo Jyotiramritam” means from death lead us towards amrit i.e., salvation. “Mrityumaamritam gamaya” and again I pray that from death lead us to amrit i.e., salvation. In Vedas and several ancient granths of Rishis like Shathpath Brahmin Granth, light is told as “form of Almighty, Formless God, who creates, nurses and destroys the universe.” So, as I said in my previous reply, I would repeat it, please to say that you may go ahead according to your faith in Jesus and let me follow eternal path of Vedas.